How To Make An Epic Best Man’s Speech Video

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How to make a best man’s speech video in eight simple steps

The groom’s right-hand man is under more pressure than ever to deliver on the big day. There’s a lot riding on the best man speech and a great way to relieve a little pressure is with strong preparation. So, it’s no surprise that “Best Man Videos” and presentations are becoming more and more commonplace.

However, creating a video fit for such an occasion is easier said than done. So, we’ve prepared a guide for making your very own best man’s speech video. Good luck.

Get A Little Help From A Friend

Firstly, it’s worth saying, if you have absolutely no experience of using a camera, scripting or editing film footage, then you might need a hand. Make your life easier by seeking help from someone who knows their way around a camera, and video editing software.

If that’s not an option, or you’re determined to do the production yourself, then don’t stress – you’ve got this.

Video Equipment Needed

The great news is that you don’t need to shell out on a camera. Your phone should do just fine! However, you will need to be able to do a little video editing. There are both free and paid video editing options and they don’t have to cost the earth. iMovie, for example is free for Mac users.

Again, if you have no experience, don’t worry. There’s plenty of beginner guides online such as:

Best Man Video Ideas & Examples

Editing aside, what is your best man video going to be about? What should you include?

A great place to start is by looking at other videos. This year the trend skyrocketed in popularity and there are literally hundreds of these videos available online. Below is a handful of the internet’s most epic.

Other ideas and themes for Best Man Videos include:

Mr & Mrs Quiz Video

Traditionally, the groom is asked a series of awkward questions to answer. So why not film it and show the best bits at the wedding?

Celebrity Endorsements

The Best Man at a wedding in County Down asked celebrities to send their best wishes to happy couple and ended up with a 10 minute video crammed with sound bites.

Music Video

If you or your friends are musically minded, part of a band or a budding singer songwriter, why not write a song and create a video. If all else fails, a bit of Lip Syncing can be just as effective.

Short Film

Many of the Internet’s more highly regarded Best Man videos are action-driven. Classic plots include “the lost ring”, “the forgotten speech” and “getting to the wedding on time”.

Interviewing Friends & Family

Crowdsourcing is a great way to make a fun video that everyone enjoys. Plan a few questions and get family and friends to answer them while filming themselves. Then just edit it all together.

Photo / Video Compilation

It’s not just video that can be edited together – photos can be too. If you’ve got embarrassing pictures (which are safe to show), do a video montage.

Best Man Video Tips

Once you’ve nailed your ideas, it’s time to turn them into a reality. But hold on one second. Before you rush off with your camera, you’ve got some planning to do. Here are some top tips to consider before picking up the camera.

Put pen to paper

Write a script – trust us, this will work a lot better than winging it on filming day. It doesn’t matter if you stick to the script like glue or not, just having it will help cement your vision.  Writing a script is a great way to sense check ideas too. What seems like a good idea in your head can quickly transform once it’s on paper.

Once you’ve got your ideas, show them to friends and get some feedback. Again, what you think is ingenious, others might not understand and the last thing you want is your video falling on its backside in front of hundreds of guests.

Adding Humour

Like with any wedding speech, it’s good to draft in a few jokes that most of the wedding guests will get. Best buddies will always have ‘in jokes’, but don’t be tempted to include those. An audience won’t appreciate a good joke they don’t understand.

And never make jokes about the bride… There’s a time and place – her wedding day isn’t it. Stick to shaming the groom instead. Feel free to add in any video clips of dodgy dancing, old school photos or any material that you feel will enhance the video, but keep her out of it.

Sensitivity Towards Your Audience

Chances are there will be children and elderly folk at the wedding, so try and be as PC as possible and keep swearing to a minimum. No one finds rude words funny at such an event.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Any good film has a bit of nail-biting drama that keeps us on the edge of our seats. Your short film shouldn’t be any different. More often than not, groomsmen’s’ films involve either a frantic search for lost wedding rings or the stags trying to get themselves out of some sort of pre-wedding predicament. These scenarios have ACTION written all over them.


To add an element of surprise, be sure to add a cameo of the wider wedding party, parents and friends. Think of typical things that an Irish Mammy says when scripting.

Showing The Video On The Day

It’s all well and good creating an epic video, but don’t forget, you have to be able to show it on the day. To do so, you will need a large projector and a sound system capable of being heard.

Some important things to consider include:

  • Venue – Is it indoor, outdoor, in a marquee or a building? It’s essential you consider the venue because the venue will affect your ability to playback the video in a big way.
  • Lighting – Most weddings are in the summer and the bright sun can make it hard to see what is on a projector. Make sure you can block out enough sunlight.
  • Sound – Audio and outdoor venues don’t mix well. You’ll need more speakers and to arrange them in all corners. Whereas, indoor venues may come with speakers built into the room. Do your research.
  • Notifying the venue – Be sure to let the venue know well in advance what you are doing. Check what equipment they have and what you will need to bring to the occasion. Don’t leave this until the last minute.
  • Setting up – On the day, be sure to get there early and have it all set up and ready. Don’t expect to do this 10 minutes before your big moment and in a room full guests. You have to test that everything is ready before any guests arrive.

Be Humble

If all goes well, the wedding guests will be more than likely be blown away by the effort you went to in making the video, so be prepared for a standing ovation. But remember, it’s the bride and groom’s day, so deflect the attention off you and back onto the happy couple.

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