How To Switch Up Your Wedding Video?

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We’re always on the hunt to provide our fabulous readers with what’s fresh, new and exciting in the world of weddings!

Let’s be honest…we could all spend hours on Youtube, watching romantic wedding video after wedding video, it’s addictive! Well listen up, we’ve got something revolutionary to share, you’re going to love it!

The fantastic team at Memfies joined us at our recent Spring Wedding Journal Show, they shared their groundbreaking new video business to our newly engaged visitors. We loved everything they had to offer, so we decided to sit down with Eoin McGloughlin of Memfies and chat about all things weddings and Memfies.

So Eoin, could you describe Memfies and the service you provide brides and grooms?

Memfies provides an authentic, inclusive and personal service which gives all of your guests the chance to be involved in being a part of your wedding memories! The service we provide gives us the opportunity to show the real moments which are happening at your wedding from a very personal point of view.’


Why should couples choose Memfies?

‘This is a unique way to create a video memory of your special day. Having the ability to capture the real emotion of the day in this way means that we can create a real sense of what the feelings were on the day! Not having a video memory of the day is one of the biggest regrets a bride and groom have after the wedding with the main reason for not having a video being because of budget constraints.

There are a lot of reasons why this service works very well. The quantity and quality of footage being taken by guests at weddings is increasing all the time and there is an ever increasing demand for wedding highlight videos. Memfies meets these demands with a different approach and can deliver a fast, high quality service which is extremely affordable.’

It sounds awesome, but how exactly does it all work?

‘So Memfies is really easy to use! You simply go onto our website and create an event. Each event gets a unique link which can be personalised as you want.

This link is then shared to your guests so that they can join. People then take their footage at your wedding as they would normally. They upload the footage to the event through the web platform or app.

We now have all the footage in one place! Then one of our talented editors will now turn this footage into an amazing highlight video of your wedding!’

Who Can Get Involved?

‘Anyone and everyone who is invited by the bride and groom to take part in the event can upload footage to be a part of the final video. The more footage we get the better! Getting lots of different angles of some of the main parts of the day gives us an amazing opportunity to show the day in a unique way.’

‘Imagine getting twenty different angles of the bride walking down the aisle, this gives us the ability to make videos that no one can match!’

What makes Memfies different to normal videography?

‘There is no involvement from Memfies on your big day. The footage we are using to create the final highlight video is footage which is being taken by your guests. These days, nearly every attendee at a wedding has a camera of some kind. Having so many cameras at a wedding gives us the ability to capture moments which would otherwise be missed as well as giving us the ability to show the same scene from lots of different angles!

This is authentic footage showing the real emotions which are present on the wedding day! The videos which are going to make up the highlight video will all be taken by your loved ones, people who you have invited to your wedding.

This means that the cameras are always rolling, there is no time limit! All of the footage which is uploaded by guests is also stored for the bride and groom to download later, this means that they can also use Memfies to collect all their photos and videos to one place.

We provide a very fast service and will have a completed video for you within a week of the event closing. Memfies is fun, fast and affordable! Why wouldn’t you use it!’

So there you have it…how cool does this sound! Head to and create an intro event to see how easy it all is.

Meet the fantastic Memfies team at our Autumn Wedding Journal Show (Sat 5th & Sun 6th Oct 2019 – TEC Belfast). We’d love to see you there… you can get your EARLY BIRD TICKETS HERE!

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