Hen Party Games, Ideas & Ice-Breakers

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Break the ice and have a good giggle with these hen party games

Often a hen party brings together a group of girls who may not know each other. If you are planning a hen party be sure to incorporate some silly games as they are a great way to break the ice and have a good giggle in the process.

Here are some game ideas to get you started.

Drink Reception Icebreaker

Open your hen party with a drinks reception, serving a glass of wine or Prosecco. Before everyone arrives, write a range of topics and stick these to the bottom of the glasses, for example, “first dates”.

Once the hens finish their drink, they must turn over the glass to reveal the topic and begin this conversation with the person on their left. This is a great way to get everyone chatting, leaving you time to start preparing the next activity.

The Baby Photo Game

Get each of your hens to arrive with a picture of themselves as babies. Then pin/tack them onto a wall where the bride-to-be will be asked to guess who the baby picture belongs to. Make it more interesting by introducing dares for each one she gets wrong.

Pass The Buck (Garter)

This game requires an element of stealth from each of the hens and can be played throughout the whole night. Let everyone know at the beginning of the event that a Wedding Garter will be passed around in secret amongst the hens.

The aim of the game, if you have the Garter, is to pass it on to someone else without them noticing. You can slip into each other’s pockets, in the backs of dresses or under bags. By the end of the night, whoever has the item is crowned the looser. They have to do a forfeit of your choosing!

Phrase Dropping

Like the Garter game, this one requires an amount of secrecy. Before the hens arrive, write silly phrases on a handful of cards and distribute them secretly amongst about a third of hens. The chosen few must drop these awkward phrases into the conversation as naturally as possible, and without getting caught.

Whoever can drop their phrase the most without attracting attention, wins.

This might sound easy, so be sure make your phrases nice and quirky. For instance “well, we should ask for the neighbour’s opinion, I think”, or “but what has that got to do with the price of cheese”.

Where We First Met

When the hens arrive at the party, ask them where they first met the bride-to-be and write down the answers in a notebook. It’s important that one person writes all the answers because, at some point in the party, the bride-to-be will be handed the notebook and asked read out the answers, while identifying who the person is.

An alternative version of the game is to get each of the hens to bring an item of significance. Then the bride-to-be has to guess who brought the item and why.


Create 10-20 cards and write silly commands on each of them. For example, “talk as fast as possible”, “pigeon step when walking”, “circle on the spot whenever someone says your name”. Hand these out to each of your hens on arrival. They are to carry out their secret task throughout the night until the other hens spot their task and call them on it. Anyone who calls out a wrong task gets a forfeit and the winner is the last hen to have her task unidentified.


How well do the hens know the bride-to-be? Find out with this trivia game. Think up questions to ask about the bride, such as where she grew up, school and career. Think about her ‘favourites,’ for example her favourite song, makeup, hobbies etc. The bride should hand out pens and papers for the quiz and read out the questions, hens should swap pages to mark them so there is no cheating and any ridiculous answers will be seen.

Poker face

After a few drinks get your hens together in a group and tell them not to laugh or smile. The hen says ‘Ha’ ‘Ho’ or ‘Hee’ first, then each girl in the group take turns to say the words while keeping a straight face. If anyone laughs or smiles they are out, battle it out until you get a winner.

Barred words

Pick a selection of words that no one in the hen do group is allowed to say throughout the hen weekend or night. Anyone who says the barred word is fined with a shot or dare. The groom’s name, ‘boyfriend’, ‘husband’, and ‘children’ often trip people up.

A Tight Race

To play this game, you need a bunch of tights and a load of cheap oven gloves. It’s really simple and bound to get the hens in hysterics. Gather the girls around the pile of tights and their task is simply to pull on the tights while wearing the mitts. It’s virtually impossible so don’t worry about prizes for the winners!

Prosecco Pong

You’ve all heard of Beer Pong, or at least seen it played in some American High School film? Well, this is the same, only played with Prosecco! For those not in the know, you set up large plastic cups, fill them with a little Prosecco and the objective is to throw Ping-Pong balls into the cups. Your opponent then has to drink the Prosecco from the cup the ball landed in.

Here’s a video to give you the idea.

This party classic always “goes down” well…!

Toilet paper couture

Ask for a few hens to volunteer to model, the rest of the ladies should be put into teams. The task is to create a dream wedding dress out of toilet paper in 10 minutes.

While the model is strutting her stuff in front of the judges one member of each team has to explain a little about their design and where they got inspiration from.

Blankety Blank

As chief hen, your job is to write down a number of fun facts about the bride, leaving out an all-important word. For instance, “When she was 17 years old, Jess got in trouble for [BLANK] down the high street.” Or, “when travelling overseas, Amy found her new love for [BLANK].” The hen party guests have to fill in the missing blanks, with prizes for those who guess them correctly.

Peggy Sue

One member of the hen party is given a clothes peg to start the game. The aim is for the person to stick the peg onto someone in the bar without them noticing. Once it’s attached shout Peggy Sue. Then another hen is nominated to get the peg off the person in question and attach it another stranger without either party noticing.

Bring extra pegs as props in case your pegs get found and confiscated!

Liar, liar – Version 1

A tried and tested classic, each of the hens has to tell a true story about the bride, as well as a made up one. The party and everyone else has to guess which is the truth. The stories can be nice or as nasty as you like – we think, the more cringe-worthy the better.

Liar, liar – Version 2

Hens are asked to say three statements about themselves and form a circle. Each hen takes turns reading out their statements and it’s up to the rest of the hen to figure out which two are true and which one is the lie.

Mini Treasure Hunt

Whilst, treasure hunts can be tricky to plan, they always go down well. To begin with, pick a range of wedding/hen themed items like Love Hearts, or photos. Then write clues for each of the items such as “Let’s hope the wedding video doesn’t appear on you’ve been framed” (the answer being “photo”) before hiding the items around the house.  When hiding the items, it’s best to put them in places where they don’t belong! The hen’s job is to match the clues with the items.

Balloon Questions

Get each of the hens to write a question on a small piece of paper. Then insert the question into a balloon before inflating. At random intervals throughout the evening, get the bride-to-be to pop a balloon and answer the question inside.

There’s no need to hold back! You can ask anything to make her squirm. If she fails to answer the question, you can always propose a forfeit


For this game, you need post-it notes, sellotape and a pen. Split the hen party in equal groups and take it in turns to write down any ingredient that you would find in a burger. Each group should mix up their ingredients and put them in the middle of the circle, when the quiz master says ‘It’s burger time’ the hens have to scramble to pick an ingredient and arrange themselves in the correct order of a burger. The group that makes the perfect burger first wins. The quizmaster must then inspect the burger to see if the ingredients are in the correct order if not the team get disqualified.

Try not to overdo it and cram all these games in one night! Pick and mix your favourites depending on the style of the hen party. Whichever you go with, you’re guaranteed to have a great party and one that you’ll all be giggling about for years to come.

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