Mother of the Bride Fashion- Dressing for your body shape

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MOB Body Shape

The pressure is on to look fantastic on the big day; so here’s Wedding Journal’s advice on dressing for your body type and Mother of the Bride Fashion.

It’s a common conundrum – you find the perfect wedding outfit on a mannequin in a shop window and make a bee-line for the changing rooms, in an excited rush to try it on. But instead of enhancing your curves and accentuating your waspish waist like it did on the model, your dream dress hangs on you like an old sack of spuds.

Any wedding outfit is going to look fabulous on an unrealistically proportioned mannequin or an airbrushed-to-death model, but for us regularly-made ladies who come in all shapes and sizes, looking good requires paying attention to one very important rule – dressing for your body shape.


mother of the bride fashion
Mori Lee and Zeila

This is a very common body shape, especially when the menopause takes hold. You carry weight around your middle, with no defined waist; have an average to large bust and slender legs.

What to wear: The trick is to draw attention away from your middle and emphasize either your bust or your legs. Lengthen your figure by wearing long straight jackets which end at the knee. V-necks are also a good option for breaking up your top half and creating a clean line.

What not to wear: baggy clothes, high necklines, prints and patterns.


mother of the bride fashion 2
Linea Raffaelli and Mori Lee

A pear shaped woman carries weight around her hips and thighs but will have a slim waist. Your top half will usually be at least one dress size smaller than your bottom.

What to wear?  It’s all about balancing out width and drawing attention to your top half which will make your hips look slimmer and your waist more defined. Bright colours, patterns and details up top will all draw the eye away from your hips. Seek out of- the-shoulder dresses and bust-enhancing necklines.

What not to wear: Dainty or small collars, fish tail skirts and bright colours on the bottom.

Top heavy

mother of the bride fashion 3
Ian Stuart and Monsoon

If you have broad shoulders and wear a larger size on top, it’s likely that you’re a top heavy, inverted triangle shape. Your hips will be about as slim as your waist and your legs will probably be quite slender.

What to wear: Much like the pear, you want to balance out proportions. This means making your top half look smaller and your hips look fuller. A-line skirts will look especially great on you. Simple necklines that aren’t noticeably high or low and dark colours on top will slim you. A belt to nip in your waist can dramatically alter your figure.

What not to wear: V necks, plunging necklines or anything with too much detail at the top are an absolute no-go.


mother of the bride fashion 4
Ronald Joyce and M&Co

Often considered the ideal feminine shape a la Marilyn Monroe, hourglass beauties have an ample bust which matches the width of their hips and a desirably slim waist.

What to wear: Your goal is to do everything in your power to accentuate those killer curves. Tight-fitted or clingy garments will hug you beautifully so try draped wrap dresses with a flattering v neck. Short fitted jackets also work wonders.

What not to wear: Stiff fabrics, boxy shapes, large peplums and fussy detail around the bust.


mother of the bride fashion 5
Ronald Joyce and Hobbs

An athletic body is slim, narrow and straight up and down. You’re likely to have good muscle tone and a fit physique but might be lacking feminine curves.

What to wear: Lucky Miss Athletic can pretty much wear anything. Short fitted dresses and pencil skirts will flaunt what God gave you. However, you might want to create the illusion of ladylike curves – if so, wear something with detail around the bust and hips and add a belt to define your waist.

What not to wear:  If you have a lot of muscle tone around your shoulders and want to disguise this, don’t wear halter necks or anything strapless.

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