Actress Audrey Moore Lets Guests Wear Their Old Wedding Dresses

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Actress Audrey Moore married writer Jesse Lumen in a ceremony in LA, and they had an unusual dress code filled with old wedding dresses!

A wedding dress is something a woman will only wear once in her life but for the guests of Audrey Moore, this was not the case! Being the last of her friends to get married, the Godless actress thought up this brilliant idea to let her friends relive their favourite look at her 30th December wedding.

For those who weren’t married, they were encouraged to wear either their mum’s old wedding dress or to dress up. And there was no worry of upstaging the bride because she chose to stand out in blue!

Taking to Instagram she wrote ‘it was required that many of the girls wear their wedding dresses! Or a wedding dress. Or their mom’s. It was one of my most favourite parts!’ This gave her closest friends the chance to feel like a princess again.

The joy on her friend’s faces was evident, especially in a sweet Instagram post she shared that read ‘I love this picture of @fionagubelmann. Only in LA would someone look BETTER in their dress today than they did 10 years ago. Also this perfectly captures her spirit. Her goofy smile and sense of play. #moorelumen18’

As for the bride herself, she wore a blue dress designed by Adela Custom Designs and Theresa Baca and felt like an absolute princess in. ‘Look at this dress!!! Look at the back!!! I felt like Elsa, meets Cinderella, meets Queen Elizabeth! I found the fabric downtown and we had nearly a dozen fittings. She honors me with her work.’

The groom and groomsmen kept it smart and casual with white hooded jumpers with printed bow ties and waist coasts for this non-traditional wedding.

This is absolute friendship goals, would you ever consider it?

Set Featured Image: @audreyscoremoore / Instagram 

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