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Bridal Breakfast at Tiffany’s Anyone?

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This week, Tiffany & Co. Is opening a lavish new café at its Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City, where you can dine amongst some of the most expensive and beautiful jewellery money can buy.

No longer must all the would-be Holly Golightly’s eat croissants and drink coffee whilst gazing in the window, now they’ll have the chance to eat brunch in style on the fourth floor of the flagship Tiffany store whilst looking out to iconic Central Park.

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The Blue Box café serves breakfast, lunch and tea at a cost of $29, $39 and $49 making it the PERFECT place to enjoy a bridal brunch or breakfast with your maids! Extravagant we know… but think of the NY shopping, sights and the Instagram opportunities!

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The new café in Manhattan is decorated floor-to-ceiling in the brands signature ‘tiffany blue’, from the walls, to the chairs and the accents on the dining sets, it was designed to make customers feel like they were inside a tiffany box. The decorations on the wall are all mini versions of the Tiffany window displays with diamonds, chrome figurines and luxurious homeware.

Unsurprisingly, reservations for this highly sought-after girly experience will be hard to come by,  so if you’re thinking of visiting we recommend booking far in advance to avoid disappointment.

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You may not have gotten your engagement ring from Tiffany’s, so what’s better than having a fabulous bridal brunch there!? Not only can you soak up the elegant atmosphere, but you can literally say that you had breakfast at Tiffany’s!

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