Christine Lampard reveals bridezilla moment

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Christine Lampard

Christine Lampard lets slip that she almost didn’t marry husband Frank due to argument night before the wedding

Appearing on Loose Women Christine joked about how she almost divorced footballer Frank before marrying him due to a tiff the couple had the night before.

Speaking to the audience Christine said,

We had the table plan done on one of those sticky boards where you can move the names around.

I had been out working and had came back and found Frank and indeed all of my family, who were also to blame, had  thought it was really funny to change all the names around.

So they’d all been having a few beers, I’m stone cold sober and I walk in and they’re all laughing.

Also on the Loose Women panel was Frank, who let slip that the group had thought it funny to put people together that hate each other.

The Northern Irish presenter admitted to having a bridezilla moment and losing her temper.


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The twosome doesn’t reveal how they made up, but they did manage to tie the knot the following day, 20 December 2015 looking deliriously happy.

The couple appeared on the popular ITV show following news that Frank, former England player had decided to retire from the game aged 38.

Discussing the amount of time the couple will now spend together, Panelist Janet speculates tongue in cheek that they might in fact see too much of each other now.

“Well maybe, we’ll find that one out,” says Frank. “But when I was away for six weeks at a time we were actually a bit worse in that period, we’re good being together. When we’re not together we feel like we’re not in each other’s lives so much and we maybe question each other a bit more”

Christine agrees,

I think we’re better when we’re together, which is obviously a good thing.

Watch the video here!

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