How Might The Coronavirus Affect My Wedding?

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As the coronavirus outbreak continues to make headline new across the world, those planning their weddings may be wondering should they cancel their upcoming nuptials or honeymoons.

With active cases now surpassing 100,000 globally, we are now seeing a major knock-on effect for both real-life couples and wedding industry professionals. There are so many boutiques, designers and brands that manufacture gowns/goods in China. It’s believed that production and shipping delays could take up to three weeks to begin.

If your wedding is booked in one of the quarantine hotspots (Italy and China) you will more than likely have to consider postponing your big day or moving the destination entirely. If you do need to take drastic measures, be sure to let your guests all know. Either send out printed cards, text messages/emails or call them personally, just make sure everyone knows.


Always Pay For Insurance

It’s at times like these, that buying wedding insurance is so important! Each insurance policy is different, with various features that can cover almost ever potential danger, even those you won’t have thought of. No one expected this virus to sweep the globe quite as quickly as it did, but there will be something like this more than likely included.

‘We always advise our reader that insurance is crucial – it will help cover can help protect your financial and emotional investments.’

WJ’s Advice

The first step is not to panic, it’s never good to start stressing about something you can’t control. There are a few easy steps that might help plans run a little smoother in the build-up to your big day.

You can source your dress on-the-rack or buy on sale locally. We have a host of fantastic retailers and wedding suppliers in our online wedding planning directory, that will help ease your worries.

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