Micro-Weddings Are Set To Be The Next Big Wedding Trend

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Times they are a-changing. Chances are if you were due to get married anytime between March and October 2020 (and perhaps even beyond that), COVID-19 will have thrown a spanner in the works for your big day.

Many couples have been forced to postpone their big day or drastically cut numbers. Others have had to improvise their plans by having a Zoom ceremony or getting married with just themselves and an officiant in their back yards. Understandably, with all of this going on, Hitched have predicted that micro weddings are going to be one of the biggest trends in the next few months and years.

But, uh, what exactly is a micro-wedding?

Well, it’s not exactly a new concept but it is set to become more popular. A micro-wedding is basically a wedding with 20 or less guests. It’s an incredibly intimate affair, involving only your most nearest and dearest. And it can feel incredibly special. It still has all the traditional elements like a ceremony and a reception, cutting the cake and the first dance, if you want to include them, it’s just all on a much smaller, more relaxed scale. 

Is a micro-wedding right for you?

Well, it might be, if you want the opportunity to splurge on other things like your wedding gown or a luxury honeymoon. Having less guests frees up a whole lot of that wedding budget. If you’re short on cash, or find that you’ve been financially hit by COVID-19, micro-weddings could be the key to making your money stretch that much further.

A micro-wedding might also be a good fit for you if you aren’t too fussed on all the fuss. Instead of having hundreds of guests, you’ll get to spend more quality time with your most prized people and you’ll also be able to splash out more money on the finer details, whether that’s elaborate wedding styling or the cake.


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There’s no denying that planning an intimate do for 15 people is much easier than attempting to navigate the logistics of inviting 150 guests too. You won’t have to worry about things like finding a big enough venue, appropriate transportation and catering, and managing your time to get around to seeing everyone on the day. In fact, when it comes to planning, a smaller do opens up a whole world of choice for you.

So if you fancy an intimate affair, want to cut costs and are still worried about how social distancing rules may impact your big day, a micro-wedding might just be for you!

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