Relationship Milestones: where are you in your relationship?

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Did you know that most couples have their first big argument after roughly 6 months together? Or that we typically meet ‘The One’ after two serious, unsuccessful relationships?

While every relationship is different, we know they have typically followed similar patterns throughout the last century. We meet, we fall in love, fight and make up, and then, usually and when we’re ready, get married. The only major difference with these things, however, is just when we decide to them.

Look back at the 1980s, for example, and you can see that most couples getting hitched were in their early twenties. A wedding between two twenty-two year olds today is certainly more of an oddity, with most couples waiting until they’re almost thirty to tie the knot.

So how normal is your relationship by today’s standards? Are you taking it slow, or getting carried away by the whirlwind of it? Are you more closely following the timeline your parents did, or carving your own path? To find out, check out the graphic below:



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