Study reveals amount of time spent shopping by the mother of the bride

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mother of the bride

Who do you think takes longer to choose the perfect wedding day outfit – the bride or the mother of the bride?

A survey has revealed that the mother of the bride takes longer to choose the perfect wedding day outfit that the bride-to-be.

A poll carried out by retailer Simply Be discovered that the average mother of the bride takes six days longer to choose a wedding day outfit than their daughters.

Mothers of the bride and groom take on average 18 days to choose their outfit, whereas a typical bride will have bought her wedding dress after 12 days shopping with 25% choosing their gown on the first trip.

90% of all mothers of the bride felt pressure to pick the right outfit and admitted to feeling ‘worried’ about what to wear.

Surprisingly only two in five mothers know what their counterpart will wear and five percent said a family disagreement occurred over what the respective mothers, or stepmothers, of the bride and groom were going to wear to the wedding.

mother of the bride 2

Laura Costin from Simply Be said:

Many mothers of brides and grooms may hardly know each other before the wedding so it is understandable that they might be too embarrassed to ask what the other is wearing.


Also some mums are reticent to say what colour they will be wearing in case the other mum then says they want to wear that colour too!


It is surprising how many mothers prefer to leave it to chance on the day rather than have a potentially awkward conversation.


It is great if the happy couple can help by playing go between, but often they are too anxious about all the other preparations to worry about what their mum’s are wearing.”


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