Updated Government Guidelines: What You Need To Know

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As we step into another phase of lockdown, we’ve been longing to hear what the government has proposed for upcoming weddings.

This is a big step in the right direction, both for couples and their suppliers. Stay up to date with all things wedding planning during Coronavirus, with WJ!

Guests On Arrival

  • Try to avoid making direct contact with doors or handles. Guests should enter the property through doors that are automated or manually operated by an employee where possible.
  • Hand sanitisers should be places at all entry points of chosen church or venue. These must have a minimum alcohol content of 60%

Drinks Reception

  • A private room should be used, if available at the venue
  • Service stations for drinks and canapés must adhere to social distancing queuing systems
  • Service stations must be managed by venue personnel. Self-service is no longer permitted. All canapés must be in individual portions.
  • Unnecessary furniture such as sofas or tables, should be removed to ensure maximum space for physical distancing

Dinner Reception

  • Entrance doors should be kept open at all times whilst guests are entering and exiting the dining area.
  • Table and guest spacing mist adhere to governments 2 metre social distance rules
  • Hand sanitiser must be made available at the entrance to the dining room
  • Management must ensure directions and signage are visible
  • Staff must be fully briefed on regulations and protocol, in line with the Governments Public Health advice

There must be no shared items at every table, instead…

  • Water jugs must be poured by service personnel only
  • Salt and pepper shakers, butter dishes or gravy boats should be available only on request
  • Each guests should be given individual portions/sachets
  • There must be no family-style service of food, (no sharing side dishes etc)
  • Dessert course must be served directly to each guest fully plated

Dance Floor Etiquette

  • Signage on tables and dance floors must ask guests to respect physical distancing guidelines
  • Employees must monitor and manage distancing safely


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