How to pack like a pro to go on honeymoon

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pack like a pro

Pack like a pro in 10 simple step

1. The first thing to do is invest in some travel gear. Buy travel-sized bottles for your moisturiser, body wash etc. Check if your hotel room has a hairdryer, if not buy a mini one.

2. Lay everything you want to take out on the bed or floor to help you decide what to take, pair up tops and bottoms to see how many outfits you have. As a rule of thumb pack three tops to every bottom. This is the time to do a clothing cull and eliminate unnecessary extras.

3. Choose a travel colour palette; a base of neutrals such as cream and tan, and then one accent colour like gold or ruby for example, that way you can mix and match clothing to create different outfits.

4. Pack awkwardly shaped items first such as shoes, hairdryer and other hair styling tools. Stuff socks or underwear inside your shoes to maximise space.

5. Tuck softer items such as t-shirts, cardigans and bathing suits into the spaces between your shoes and hair styling equipment. Rolling your clothing conserves space, reduces wrinkles and makes it easier to find clothes in your suitcase. For rolling tips click here.

6. The next layer should contain jeans, dresses and jackets that are made of thicker materials. To find out how to fit in as much as possible watch this handy clip (below) from 1 minute 15 seconds in.

7. Next add non-clothing items such a toiletry bag. It’s best to double bag toiletries in case they leak. Sealable freezer bags work well.

8. And finally the very top layer should be comprised of lightweight, delicate fabrics that are prone to wrinkling. Leave a little room for souvenirs.

9. Packing experts say you should treat your carry-on bag as an emergency kit just in case your suitcase goes astray. Consider carrying the following; makeup, prescribed medications, glasses and sunglasses, toothbrush and toothpaste, bikini and sunscreen, a book and one outfit.

10. Take your suitcase for a test drive. Try pulling  your suitcase by the handle, is it easy to manage? If not then you may need to lighten the load.

For more tips and tricks see the clip below:

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