Quirky Aisle Style

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One of the most meaningful and emotional parts of your day will be walking up your wedding aisle amongst your family and friends with your other half looking back at you.  So no better reason to have your wedding aisle decorated in style to wow your guests! After all, the photos will last forever…

Whether you are getting married outdoors, in a church or a licenced venue, there are many ways to decorate your wedding aisle, adding a few extra touches to make it shine- no matter what your budget or style. The décor you chose should reflect the overall style of the day and your personality as a couple. Although flowers are beautiful, timeless and are a fail-safe for wedding decor, we have chosen to put together a few more different, quirky and unique ideas of ways to decorate your wedding aisle.


Although always a staple for any celebration, balloons have made a huge comeback for weddings, with lots of different styles and types to experiment with when arranging your décor. You could line the aisle with balloons at each row, have balloons integrated throughout your flower garlands or arches, have personalised balloons, worded balloons e.g. ‘Love’ or ‘I Do’ or even the Instagram popular confetti helium balloons which make for a unique decoration.


Paper Decorations & Pom-Pom’s

Adding paper decorations is a budget-friendly way of decorating your ceremony and reception venues. They add a playful touch to your décor, where they particularly suit more laid-back venues. They can be hanging from ceilings, hung from trees for an outdoor ceremony or they could even be used to line the aisle to add a pop of colour, like this one shown below:

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Pom Pom Aisle.

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Lanterns / Jars

Adding style and ambiance to your day, a simple lantern can be used in many ways. They can be used to create a modern and graceful look through silver tall lanterns or even a more ‘shabby-chic’ look that looks great when done through DIY. This is also an extremely cost effective way to create your wedding aisle style. For a rustic look, why not economize and re-use old jars and make them into pretty ornaments filled with candles to line your aisle.

Unique Ribbon arrangements

Trends have changed from the basic ribbon bow on the back of wedding chairs; there are now more creative ways to decorate your aisle in style, with the use of ribbon. Tying in colours with your theme, strands of ribbon have become increasingly popular at the back or sides of guests chairs. This modern look is perfect for adding style and trying something a little different. It also photographs beautifully- a key Pinterest favourite for brides. A tied sash at the back of your guests chairs is a similar idea, great for tying in the overall colour scheme of your wedding day.



Petal Strewn Aisle Style

Perfect for any wedding aisle, this simple technique is one of the most eye-catching. A recent trend has seen brides and grooms ask their florists to create a pattern on the aisle with petals, to create something really memorable and unique. A bright floral petal against a neutral background is sure to turn a few heads! Alternatively, a more scattered appearance of petals is perfect for a more laid-back wedding, such as at an outdoor location or beach location wedding. We love this idea, when else are you going to get to walk up a petal strewn aisle made just for you!?

Woodland Aisle Style

For those having outdoor woodland style wedding ceremonies (LOVE) there are lots of little quirky ideas of how best to decorate the surrounding area in keeping with nature. Fairy lights or lanterns from the trees make for a pretty and whimsical look. Great for a botanical loving bride,  having your ceremony outdoors in a romantic and ethereal forest setting means you have room to be creative with your decor, particularly with flowers, candles, lighting, drapes and stands.


Set Featured Image Credit: Pexels, wedding aisle

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