Real-Life Engagement Ring Gallery

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We are obsessed with your engagement ring bling and aren’t afraid to admit it! Send us in your beautiful rocks and we’ll add them to our sparkling gallery to share with other brides-to-be and give you some stunning ring-spiration.

Your engagement ring is undeniably one of the most special (and expensive) things you own and to everyone who sees it. Naturally, we can’t blame you for wanting to show off. IN FACT – we encourage it.

Us Wedding Journal ladies think we may have some sort of genetic compatibility with magpies, because we are completely addicted to sparkle and there’s nothing that satisfies our diamond dependence quite like seeing pictures of your gorgeous real-life engagement rings. That’s why we’ve created a whole gallery devoted to your cherished jewels.

Every Friday we’ll be updating the ring gallery with the bling you’ve sent us that week.

We cover all sorts of rocks from unusual settings to classic elegant solitaires. We adore halos, emeralds, pear-shaped, cushion cuts. You name it- we love it!

To whet your appetites we’ve uploaded some of our very own engagement rings for you to have a sneaky peak at- after all it’s only fair isn’t it?

To have your engagement ring featured, email a picture of the ring and your details to Clare at 

Real life engagement rings from Wedding Journal readers!



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