Six Top Tips For The Perfect Romantic Getaway

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Every couple deserves to begin married life in style but with so much planning and effort going into the wedding day itself, finding time to prepare for a magical honeymoon can be tricky.

Nick Ball, Marketing Manager at Optima Villas who has lived in Lanzarote since 2001, offers his top six tips to guide you through organising your honeymoon, and helping you enjoy a relaxing and romantic post-wedding break.

Set A Budget

The most important thing in terms of cost is that you’re realistic. While it’s understandable that you want your honeymoon to be a holiday you’ll never forget, is it really worth racking up credit card debt or blowing through the entirety of your savings?

When it comes to how much to spend, it’s well worth setting yourselves a budget and being strict about if or when you’re willing to exceed it. Of course, with the big day looming, it’s not unlikely that you’ll receive some generous cash gifts which can contribute to your spending money pot – but it’s best not to rely on this.

Ask For Recommendations

Unless you’ve had a honeymoon destination in mind since you first got together, settling on the location can often be one of the most tricky aspects of honeymoon planning – and it’s not unlikely it’ll require some compromise! So, if you’re starting with a blank slate, why not throw all the ideas into the ring?

Start by making a list of all of the places you and your other half would love to visit and ask friends and family to pitch in with recommendations of places they’ve been to. Whether you dream of pure relaxation in your own luxury villa in Lanzarote or an action-packed safari, with a long list to work your way through, you can start filtering out any which don’t seem suitable for a honeymoon, don’t fit within your budget or don’t have the activities on offer that you’re both keen to try. You’ll soon be left with just a couple of options to choose from!

Do Your Research

With just a handful of locations left on your list, this could be the perfect time to turn to the internet for advice. With so much of our day-to-day lives now being documented online, anyone and everyone seems to have an opinion on just about everything – so if you’re keen to know what people think about your desired location, accommodation options and anything else, there’s guaranteed to be a review waiting to be read.

It goes without saying that there’ll always be some negatives in there – after all, we might be quick to voice an opinion after a bad experience, but how often do we go to great lengths to leave a positive review?

Also, it’ll pay to find out about more than just the place you’re planning to stay. Think about the surrounding areas, bus transfers, currency, local cultures – the list goes on. Find out as much as you can about the country and its customs before you choose this as your final destination.

Watch Out For Hidden Extras

Another benefit to online research is that if there’s likely to be any unwanted surprises…whether the brochure fails to mention that the hotel is adjacent to a 24-hour club or the travel agent ‘forgets’ to tell you about the sky-high transfer fee, these are the sorts of things that can ruin your dream holiday.

To really stay on top of things, it might be an idea to keep a little budget aside just in case anything costs that little bit more than you were hoping for – and don’t take anything for granted. For example, if you find one article telling you that beer is super cheap, check if this is in one location or across the entire island or city!

Be Prepared To Wait

The movies might portray the start of a honeymoon being right after the evening wedding party, with the newlyweds driving off towards the airport as their guests dance the night away, but today’s reality is a little different. When it comes to flights and accommodation, prices hike at various points in the year, so it’ll pay to be willing to hold off on your honeymoon if you’re getting married during school holidays or in the height of summer.

Regardless of prices, there are other benefits to waiting a little while before you jet off on honeymoon. In the days after your wedding, you’ll want to take some time to reflect, open your cards and gifts and just generally wait for your feet to hit the ground again! Once the dust settles, you know you’ll have a wonderful, romantic trip to look forward to – so it’s a win-win!

Plan Day Trips And Downtime

The idea of two blissful weeks on a white sandy beach with a coconut cocktail in hand is enough to get anyone excited – but the likelihood is that by day three, you’ll be pretty tired of staring out at the crystal clear sea and instead be in need of a little entertainment. Alternatively, you’ll pack your days full of exciting adventures and hardly have time to make the most of the on-site infinity pool!

So, what’s the solution? You simply need to strike the balance. Plan plenty of activity but dedicate some days to downtime. This way, you can enjoy all the adventures of your chosen location together, as well as the time spent sunbathing and swimming – whether together or alone.

In Conclusion…

Ultimately, whether you decide to enlist the help of a travel agent or do it all yourself, planning your honeymoon should be a fun experience to launch you into married life – so get organised to guarantee your trip goes without a hitch! Oh, and don’t forget to tell anyone who’ll listen that you’re on honeymoon – you never know when you might be able to bag an upgrade!

To find out more information about Optima Villas, visit their website here.



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