Stag Do Etiquette

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Stag do etiquette

The dos and don’ts of planning the perfect stag party.

The modern stag do is a rite of passage that all grooms-to-be have to endure, but what you really, really don’t want, is for this one night of fun to have long lasting consequences that get you, or your groomsmen into a whole lot of bother.

The aim is have fun, while staying on the right side of the law (and your fiancée). So we’re here to help acquaint you with the basics rules.

Rule #1 Don’t step outside the limitations of normality

Why is it that the words ‘stag’ and ‘do’ have the power to turn intelligent, professional men, into alcohol obsessed, sex driven lunatics?  It seems that the primary objective of every stag do is for everyone to get legless and laid, but it’s important to remember your limitations. There are only so many shots a person can consume without ending up in a coma, so try and survive the night without needing a kidney transplant.

Rule #2 Don’t bankrupt yourself

You’ve probably already handed over a few hundred euro to the best man to cover flights, accommodation and ‘activities’. Take out a reasonable amount of cash to cover a few extras and then leave your credit cards at home. You don’t want to be the one waking up the morning after to find a receipt for six bottles of €500 Champagne in your back pocket.

Rule #3 Leave no one behind

You’re in a strange city, having consumed copious amounts of the local beverage, so you’ll probably start to feel a bit disorientated. This is not the time to take yourself off on solo sightseeing tour. Stay with your mates and make sure no one is left behind at the end of the night – there’s safety in numbers!

Rule #4 Cheating is cheating

Forget the excuses, if you go off with a woman or man that’s not your partner, then you are a cheat with a capital C. No one wants to walk up on the aisle on their wedding day with that on their conscience so avoid temptation, even a playful kiss could land you in a whole lotta trouble later on.

Rule #5 Leave your phone at home

This is a brilliant piece of advice that you ignore at your peril. If phones are allowed out then you can guarantee that some numpty won’t be able to stop themselves taking a picture or two and posting it on their Facebook or Twitter page. Next thing you know, that picture of you in those pants in that uncompromising position has gone viral and you’re left very red faced.

Another tip is to lock your phone in the hotel’s safe and write down the code. That way, you won’t be able to send drunk and inappropriate texts when you stumble back to your room in the early hours.  Remember, phones are only safe in the hands of sober users.

Rule #6 Don’t do any permanent damage to yourself or others

Say ‘no’ to tattoos, resist the urge to shave off each other’s hair and avoid any form of conflict that’s likely to result in black eyes or broken limbs.  You need to look picture perfect when it comes to the wedding photographs or you’ll never be forgiven.

 Rule #7 Say nothing and deny everything

This is the most important rule of all. You’ve heard it said before, but we’ll remind you again – what goes on tour, stays on tour. There are to be no exceptions. Make sure everyone follows this code of conduct and your stag do will soon become a funny memory among friends rather than the beginning of the end of your relationship.


 Feature image: The Hangover Part II



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