The average cost of a wedding rises for 2013

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wedding pigs

Surveys have shown that we’re splurging on the biggest day of our lives as the average cost of a wedding is higher than ever before.


We might be tightening our belts when it comes to forking out for bills and basic expenses, but there’s no holding back when it comes to the almighty wedding budget

In fact we’re splashing the big day cash more than ever, as the average cost of a wedding has now risen to a high of £21,939 – that’s an increase of £7,000 in the last decade and 14% in the past three years.

Of course, almost £23,000 is a huge expense for a young couple to cover, so most are making cash deposits from the bank of mum and dad. 53 per cent of engaged couples received financial help from their parents, while 11 per cent had their entire wedding funded by family members. 31 per cent covered all the wedding costs themselves.

The survey carried out by You and Your Wedding also outlined the key wedding splurges and highlighted the honeymoon as the greatest expense, coming in at £3,548. Engagement and wedding rings were next on the list, costing £3,315 and just beating the food bill at the reception, which added up to £3,313.

Other hefty price tags included the wedding venue hire (£2,763) and wedding photography (£1,033). It seems that it’s the brides controlling the purse strings as the average cost of a wedding dress trumped the price of the groom’s entire outfit at £1,119 to a measly £317.

More costs making up the £21,939 bill are:

  • Drink, £1,328
  • Photography, £1,033
  • Entertainment, £692
  • Engagement party, £497
  • Registrar/Church fees, £443
  • Car, £389
  • Bridesmaid outfit, £375

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