The Wedding Suit- Hire vs Buy

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We solve the eternal dilemma every groom has; wedding suit- hire vs buy?

Before wedding bells started ringing, you’d probably never seen a paisley print cravat and thought ascot was to do with horse racing…

As a fully-fledged groom-in waiting, fashion is now high on the agenda, but forget fretting over morning suits or fussing over ties, the groom’s biggest wedding fashion challenge is deciding whether to hire or buy.

This key decision will vary from groom to groom, depending on your priorities. So decide what’s important (or what your wife-to-be says is important!) and take it from there.


Hiring is generally cheaper, costing on average £80 per hired groom’s suit. Buying the same one, complete with alterations can cost anything upwards of £500. However, if you shop around, many groomswear outlets have buying packages that satisfy a lower budget.

Matching the Groomsmen

A groom will often choose his own suit before he starts thinking about his best man and groomsmen but this can be inconvenient if you all plan to match. Putting things together from high street shops can prove tricky but with hiring, everything’s under one roof.


The perfect fit is a big box to tick when it comes to wedding suits. When you put on a made to measure suit, it will feel like there is no greater luxury and you’ll move like James Bond.

With hiring, alterations are usually not possible. Although most hire suits are versatile with real bodies in mind, if you long for that perfect 007 cut, it’s time to buy.


For accident-prone grooms, a shiny new suit is just a blank canvas for rips and spillages. Thankfully, unless absolute disaster strikes, you can return the hire suit as it is.  However, if it’s your own suit, it’s your own financial responsibility.


There is potential for a wedding suit to be worn again to every future family event, slowly increasing your value for money. But consider your lifestyle- if you’re someone who lives and works in casual clothes; your expensive wedding suit may never see the light of day.

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