Top wedding dress necklines for 2015

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One of 2015’s hottest trends, the dramatic neckline has arrived!  From plunging deep-Vs to the high fashion collar, here’s WJ’s pick of the top wedding dress necklines for 2015…


A deep V is an undeniable show stopper for the bride looking for the ‘wow’ factor on her big day. With lengths that range from subtly exposed cleavage to the daring ‘belly-button dip dress’, any bride can incorporate a hint of seduction into her dream wedding dress. It’s a personal preference how low you want to go, but be warned that a ‘deep V’ is not for the faint-hearted bride and while most wedding dresses are designed with structure, you should always have measures in place to prevent guests getting a bit more of an eyeful than they asked for!

Perfect for:  Those blessed with an hourglass figure, an ample bust, or fuller-figured ladies eager to show off their enviable curves.

plunge neck wedding dresses (2)
Delphine Manivet

See also the feature image from Berta Bridal


One of the most versatile wedding dress necklines available to a budding bride, the sweetheart is soft and feminine with gentle curves that dip inward towards the cleavage to create a naturally heart-like shape. A traditional choice, the sweetheart flatters both women looking to add a little ‘oomph’ to her minimal assets, or the bride who wants a little extra support hidden in her dress.

Perfect for: Athletic figures who crave the illusion of clever curves, or apple shaped ladies wishing to draw attention to their cleavage subtly.

sweetheart neckline wedding dresses (2)
Sarah Houston
sweetheart neckline wedding dresses (1)
Eugenia Couture


Easily distinguished by the use of draped fabric in the chest area, cowl necks are floating necklines which utilize fabric in place of other embellished features to create a dramatic effect. Cowls can be tailored to suit any bride’s individual taste as they can be structured to dip low into the chest, or high to add coverage, though most brides tend to opt for an in-between length offering a playful hint of cleavage.

Perfect for: Brides with petite chests wanting to add volume to their bust.

cowl neck wedding dresses (1)
David Fielden

High Collar

The regal, poised look of a high collar neckline is a guaranteed way to make a dramatic impact on your wedding day. With the collar and neck available as a blank canvas, dresses typically feature strong embellishments ranging from lace collaborations to sequined craftsmanship, or in some cases simply well-structured fabric. This stylish wedding dress neckline is most often found at more formal weddings due to its sophisticated nature, but is perfect for a bride wanting to add an edgy, high fashion appeal to her dream dress.

Perfect for: Petite brides who want to elongate their body.

high neck wedding dresses (2)
Yolan Cris
high neck wedding dresses (1)
Alan Hannah

The Halter

The halter neckline is an excellent way to keep the collar and chest area covered, while still exposing a hint of your décolletage. With straps that extend upwards from the chest and traditionally loop around the neck, the dress acts as a support for itself while still creating a beautiful design aesthetic. Halter necklines can be executed in a variety of ways, making them a versatile choice for a wedding dress and an easy way to incorporate a creative flair without additional accessories such as jewellery or hairpieces.

Perfect for: Hourglass brides wanting to emphasize their natural shape, or straight body types eager to create some curves.

halter neck wedding dresses (3)
Miquel Suay
halter neck wedding dresses (2)
Moonlight Collection

Round Neck

The appeal of a round neck lies in its adaptable qualities. By cutting the neckline just above the collarbone the neck is highlighted while the chest area remains completely covered, meaning the round neck is a playful way of combining a high neck dress with limited exposure. Another common feature of this neckline is the use of sheer panelling. Many dresses opt for a typically sweetheart neckline and then use sheer fabric to mould the dress into a round neck. This gives the illusion of a sexy, yet demure, look.

Perfect for: Ladies with broader shoulders, or those with larger chests.

round neck wedding dresses (2)
True Bride
round neck wedding dresses (1)
Jean-Ralph Thurin

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