Wedding dresses for the top heavy bride

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If you’re lucky enough to be be blessed with a great pair what happens when it comes to wedding dresses? Here’s our tips for a top heavy bride…

But there’s a time and a place for cleavage. And that time and place is not on your wedding day.

While most top-heavy ladies will feel grateful for their God-given assets every other day of the year, for your wedding it’s generally advised to keep things demure and covered up just a little bit. I mean, this ain’t a good look. Am I right?


However, if you are top heavy, this is easier said than done as it can be difficult to find a dress which perfectly flatters your figure. So here are a few handy tips for when the time comes to visit the bridal shops.

How to know if you’re top heavy

A top heavy silhouette, also known as the inverted triangle body type,  will have broad shoulders and wear a large bra size of at least a D cup. They will usually be one size or more bigger in tops and shirts than in bottoms.

Balance out your top half

As with most body types, the goal is to establish the illusion of an hourglass silhouette. Top heavy brides can do this by creating width at the bottom of their wedding dress to balance out the top.A-line wedding dresses are ideal to achieve this. As are ball gowns. The full-skirts will make your waist look even smaller than it already is, and distract from your top half.

Balancing out cleavage wedding dresses
TLC, Anna Barge

Mermaid or trumpet style bridal gowns are also flattering as the flare at the bottom  will provide a counterpoint to strong shoulders.

Sweetheart necklines will make the shoulders look more narrow. Similarly, so will and necklines that have a U or a V shape, as they draw the eye down, rather than across.

Straps are your friend

Straps help to keep the girls in place and give you that extra support, nobody wants to look back at their wedding day and see themselves constantly tugging at their dress! If nothing else, they give you piece of mind. Go for thick straps or capped sleeves to balance out your shoulders.

Wedding dresses with straps
Augusta Jones, Ronald Joyce, Allure

Avoid plunging necklines

As sad as it is, it’s a fact of life, top heavy girls cannot wear plunging necklines unless you’re going for the Jodie Marsh affect- then by all means go right ahead. Don’t treat your elderly relatives to more than they ever wanted to see at your wedding.

Plunge neck wedding dresses
Badgely Mischka, Julie Vino

However occasionally  v-necklines can work but the plunge can’t be as deep and the straps need to support the full weight of your cleavage not just cover them.

v-neck wedding dress

Invest in a good seamstress 

If your heart is fully set on a strapless gown then invest in a good seamstress who can make sure your dress fits you to perfection and can sew a properly supportive bra into the lining.

Look like this-

Kim Kardashian wedding dress
Startreks/ Rex

Not like this-

Mariah Carey pulling dress up

Order a dress that fits

Saying that, no seamstress is that good that she can let out a smaller dress to fit and properly support an amble bosom. Don’t buy a dress too small, hoping to slim into it if you’re top-heavy as chances are your weight will come off the leaner areas of your body like your legs.

Eternity wedding dress

Avoid high necklines

You might feel the urge to cover up, but be warned – high necklines will only demand attention to your top half. As will any sort of detail or embellishment on the bottom.

 DE LA RENTA wedding dress
Oscar De La Renta


A halter style high neckline would be a much more flattering look for a top heavy bride as the exposed arms balances the shape of the bust area.

Daisy by Alexia wedding dress
Daisy by Alexia

No off the shoulder gowns

And NO puff sleeves. Mainly because they are a crime against fashion, above all, but off the shoulder gowns accentuate your top half and show off far more cleavage that you ever imagined.

Augusta Jones wedding dress
Augusta Jones

Although this wedding dress by Augusta Jones is absolutely stunning, unfortunately it is suited more to pear shaped brides as the tulle straps help to broaden shoulders as opposed to slimming them.


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