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What shifts a relationship from ‘seeing each other’ to ‘serious’

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What shifts a relationship from 'seeing each other' to 'serious'

At one point does a relationship progress from casual to serious? A survey reveals all…

UK relationship support organisation Partners interviewed 6,000 people about their relationships and the findings are pretty surprising.

When asked ‘what makes a relationship serious?’ the majority of respondents say that ‘sharing problems’ is the top indicator.

50% percent of interviewees said ‘sharing problems’ was a top indicator, which surprisingly came in a lot higher than ‘getting married’ as said by only 39% or people, or even ‘being exclusive’ at 44%.

What shifts a relationship from 'seeing each other' to 'serious'

87% of interviewees said that their relationship is good, 50% said they rarely argue of never argue, while 9% argue with their partner most of the time. The top strains in a relationship are listed as money worries, affairs, and long working hours which can lead to the lack of a work-life balance.

Developments in technology have helped love to blossom. 84% of people under the age of 35 use technology to keep in touch with their partner on a daily basis and say this has had a positive effect on their relationship.

In conclusion, if you are taking the tentative steps into a new relationship and your new man starts to share his problems – take this as a good sign that things are moving in a more serious direction. Don’t be afraid to send sweet text messages and kissy face emojis to your other half on a daily basis – it could be doing your relationship more good than either of you realise!

What shifts a relationship from 'seeing each other' to 'serious'

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