Why Orchids Are The Perfect Wedding Flowers

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As we patiently wait to find out what Meghan Markle will choose when it comes to her wedding flowers, we take a closer look at orchids, which can transform your venue and give your wedding the wow factor

While it is noted that peonies are one of Meghan Markle’s favourite flowers, orchids are often seen as a luxurious and classic bloom to use in weddings, but the flower can also fit in well with more modern-styled nuptials thanks to it’s versatility. 


Did You Know? Orchids symbolise perfection, love, beauty & luxury


Image courtesy of Fleuriste

As Emma McCullough from Fleuriste comments, ‘Orchids are a personal favourite of the Fleuriste team. are available all year round with more varieties available September to May, plus they are extremely versatile, available in all sizes, shapes and colours and are sure to add the ‘wow’ factor to any wedding. 


‘The colour loving bride will be spoilt for choice, while the bride wanting timeless elegance will incorporate cascading stems of white Phalaenopsis orchids to the bouquets, arrangements and finishing touches.’


Image courtesy of Fleuriste


‘Orchids have many properties which make them ideal wedding flowers, they are lightweight, therefore perfect for hanging installations as well as making them comfortable to carry as a bridal bouquet or as hair flowers. They also like warmer temperatures which gives your wedding flowers longevity to last the whole day,’ adds Emma.


So, if you think orchids are the flower for you, take the time to do the necessary research and see if your preferred orchid is in season during the time of your wedding. In the event your chosen orchid isn’t in season, keep an open mind and work together with your florist to find a different orchid that catches your eye and helps you stay within your style and budget! 


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Featured Image Credit: Fleuriste

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