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Weddings at Tiffany’s- Room Dressing to Impress!

We get the low-down from Ciara Scullion of Belfast room dressing company, Weddings at Tiffany’s

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After booking your wedding venue, the next step is making that location all yours for your big day but of course, that function room isn’t going to transform itself. Those centre-pieces don’t just materialize out of thin air and chair covers don’t exactly grow on trees.

These finishing touches that transform a wedding venue into YOUR wedding venue, come as a result of expert room dressing.

To find out everything there is to know about room dressing and why it’s crucial for personalising your big day, we decided to chat to a pro – Ciara Scullion from Northern Irish event styling company, Weddings at Tiffany’s.

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Ciara Scullion

Let’s jump straight in with the big question – why is room dressing so important?

Ciara: “Dressing a room helps to capture the personalities of the lovely couple. This may be done in various ways through the theme they wish to portray…it’s all about the finishing touches which makes your big day exactly like the one you’ve dreamed of.”

Why should you hire a professional instead of going DIY?

Ciara: “The professional has a lot of experience and knowledge of what will work best for you. Weddings at Tiffany’s offer free consultations to get to know the couple and their particular style. We can make your big day stress free as we will do all the hard work to deliver your dream wedding…through centrepieces, chair coverings, backdrops, mood lighting room draping, table overlays wedding stationary personalised favors etc..”

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How do you work with clients to make sure the end result is what they want?

Ciara: “After meeting with the couple at least three times I am a huge fan of sharing ideas through Pinterest, recent weddings and photo shoots. Once we all come up with the look and theme, I can arrange a final consultation either in their venue or my showroom with a table setup with chairs and centrepiece glass mirror and table overlay just how they envisioned it. That way,  they can see the quality of work and if they want anything added or changed they may do so then.”

What do you expect from the client? Should they bring their own ideas to the table?

Ciara: “Yes definitely. This is very important as I feel the personality style and flair of the couple should be reflected through their room dressing. I always recommend at least two-three consultations before finalising anything. Nothing should be rushed or pushed onto the couple. They should be given adequate time to express their likes/dislikes before they make a booking. Sometimes this may take a few consultations.”

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What sort of things are covered in your room dressing package?

Ciara: “In my room dressing package I include chair covers and sash or chair hoods and diamanté brooches for Chiavari chairs. Elegant centrepieces, all Audrey Hepburn inspired. I’m very into retro glam; I love pearls, diamantes, silk, lace.

Although my taste is not the same as everyone else,  I can cater to everyone’s preferences. Table overlays are my favourite… I have many to choose from organza, lace, patterned, polka dots – anything to make table different and stand out. I design personalised wedding favours and stationary. I supply fairy light back drops, room draping and mood lighting. I also decorate rooms for civil partnerships . I also specialise in balloon design. The first dance balloon Is very popular at the minute – this is a large 3ft balloon filled with confetti and smaller balloons that the best man may burst over the couple just before the first dance.”

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What room dressing themes are in at the moment?

Ciara: “Vintage is still going strong. Although I’ve noticed quite a few people going for more rustic approaches, homespun barns filled with lanterns and nature inspired is also popular. I’m a big fan of sparkle I feel this theme will never fade.”

What kind of costs should a couple expect?

Ciara: “For 100 guests anywhere between £600 – £2000, depending on the extent of detail they require.”

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Tell us about your favourite wedding that you’ve worked on?

Ciara: “My best friend and I planned her wedding in Larchfield Estate. It was such a stunning venue and all the extra little details we were able to do together as a team made her wedding one of a kind. I think venue is definitely a key factor in making  your dream day just like you envisioned it.”

What the key to truly memorable room dressing?

Ciara: “It’s to give the bridal party a sense of awe and excitement as they enter the room. I feel every little detail is important to make the wedding standout and be one if a kind.”

For more information, visit Weddingsattiffanysni.com


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