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15 signs you’re an annoying engaged couple

Are you and your hubby-to-be an annoying engaged couple? Read on to find out if you two are making everyone else sick…

We all know that couple. The couple we wish we were, the ones planning the most amazing wedding with little to no effort while constantly updating their Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Pinterest accounts with adorable ‘engaged couple’ details.

Meanwhile we’re all sat here crying because our balls of string won’t make anything that vaguely resembles a pom pom despite how many times we’ve wrapped them round that stupid little cardboard circle.

If you’re part of that couple then congratulations and kudos on your awesome wedding planning skills but a tiny part of us wishes you would choke on your perfectly handcrafted pom poms….

1. You announced your engagement in the cutest way possible

Engaged Couple 1

2. With photos on every social media site

Engaged Couple 2
Savannah Angel Pinterest

3. And the proposal video that made us all ugly cry

4. Along with that ring

Engaged Couple 3
Perez Hilton

5. You’re just too Instagram perfect

Engaged Couple 4

6. And your sneaky ring selfie game is on point

Engaged Couple 5
Hodgy527- Wedding Bee

7. You even exercise for the wedding together

Engaged Couple 6
Cricket’s Photography

8. It’s a wonder you find anytime to eat 

#weddingcaketasting #bestpartofplanning

Engaged Couple 7
Instagram- blushingartisan

9. No arguing with the in-laws for you

Engaged Couple 8
Jamie Bales Blogspot

10. Your engagement photos are totes adorable

Engaged Couple 9
Tyler Branch Photo

11. And where did you find such awesome props for the Save the Dates?

Save the Date
I Wed Wedding World

12. The wedding is going to be the ultimate, whimsical, rustic, D.I.Y pinterest fest

rustic wedding collage
Invites Wedding, green wedding Shoes, Ruffled Blog

13. And you handcrafted everything yourself

Engaged Couple 12

14. And it looked like this:

disney wedding
Rock N Roll Bride

Not this:

wedding D.I.Y fail
Fairfield Flowers WordPress

15. The best thing is- you don’t care

Engaged Couple 14
Panda Whale


Engaged Couple 15
Uncooked Toast Tumblr

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