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Zombie photobomb and other funny wedding photos

A couple ended up with rather unusual wedding pictures after 60 zombies joined in the photoshoot. See their images and other funny wedding photos below…

Bride Chelsea Montgomery and her groom Liam McGrory ended up unusual wedding photos after their shoot was photobombed by 60 zombies.

The couple had just arrived outside Windsor Castle, Berkshire to have their photos taken in front of the building when the ‘undead’ showed up. Blood-spattered zombies were out in full force for the annual Zombie Walk. The newlyweds saw the funny side as they were quickly surrounded by the freaky photo bombers.

funny wedding photos 2
Baylist Media Solent News, www.dailymail.co.uk

Chelsea and Liam are not the only couple to have their wedding photos interrupted; here are a few classics that took the bride and groom by surprise on their special day.

  1. Animal attraction

funny wedding photos 3
Caroline Tran on bridalguide.com, Tumblr.com, Imgur.com

2. Free bar?

funny wedding photos 4

3. Muscle man

funny wedding photos 5
Bin ShenCaters News Agency www.thguardian

4. Child’s play

funny wedding photos 6
Dory L.Tuohey Photography on bridalguide.com

5. Loving being single at a wedding

funny wedding photos 7
Philip DeFrancoTwitter, www.dailymail.co.uk

6. Spot the rude gesture

funny wedding photos 8
Kerinsa Marie Photography bridalguide.com

7. Er…

funny wedding photos 9

8. Who is more surprised by the proposal – the random stranger or the girl being proposed to?

funny wedding photos 10
Larry RhodesRunDisney via ABC, Bridalguide.com

9. Cheeky

funny wedding photos 11

10. My eyes!

funny wedding photos 12
Dory L.Tuohey Photography on bridalguide.com

Featured image credit: featured Baylis Media Solent News, www.dailymail.co.uk





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