3 Nature-Inspired Style Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Wedding


Are you looking to add some finishing touches to your wedding and embrace the natural elements? 

From doing your bit to reduce the carbon emissions of your wedding party to styling your unique venue with natural decor to blend in with your earthy aesthetic, today, we’re providing you with plenty of inspirational wedding ideas.

Outfit Considerations

 Arguably the best (and sometimes most stressful) decision you’ll need to make when it comes to planning your big day isn’t the venue or the guest list – although there’ll come a time for that disagreement, no doubt – but your outfit. When you get the photo album out years down the line to show your children and grandchildren just how magical your special day was, you’ll want your outfit to make as much of an impression on you as it did when you first walked it down the aisle.

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For the bride, consider choosing a vintage or pre-loved dress to reduce the impact of fashion waste on the environment – not only is a second-hand outfit likely to come at a fraction of the cost of a new one, but you can be sure that your dress is already rich in history and unique in style. Pair it with gorgeous, earth-toned amber jewellery and simple makeup to emphasise the purity of your look.

When it comes to the groom’s outfit, every little detail counts. With spring on the horizon, now’s the time to start looking at the flowers in your garden or potted along your windowsill for accessory inspiration. We suggest choosing a flower or plant that holds a special significance to you and your partner, picked from your own home and turned into a suitable lapel accessory. Not only will this look beautiful, but as your flowers will be locally sourced, you’re able to keep your day as sustainable as possible.

 Venue Decisions

 The part of your special day that your guests are most likely to remember is the place in which they spent the long hours dancing, singing, eating and celebrating with you. As such, picking a venue that suits your needs and creates the atmosphere you’ve always imagined is a very important factor when it comes to your wedding day.

For those of you planning a summertime soiree, why not embrace the opportunity to be outside by using hay bales and picnic benches as your seating options? This idea, coupled with plenty of solar-powered fairy lights and DIY decorations strung from the trees will make your wild wedding appear ultimately romantic.


Comparatively, for a winter wedding, make sure you choose a location that isn’t too far away from home, requiring fewer guests to make a long distance trip and therefore reducing carbon emissions. In addition to this, by opting for an existing venue such as a hall, country house or barn, you’ll likely be provided with infrastructure that is used to being manipulated and decorated to suit your own individual style.

Food For Thought

No matter the time your celebrations are due to begin, after a day of dancing your attendees are likely to be very hungry by the time the food arrives. Therefore, before your specially ordered cuisine arrives, why not pay homage to the locally sourced food you’ve chosen to serve by decorating your table with natural trinkets and ornaments such as fallen pine cones and flowers? Remember that the placement of your decoration doesn’t have to be uniform across each table, so start thinking of your decor in advance by collecting discarded logs, pine cones and common flowers on your Sunday dog walks in the months leading up to your special day.

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Additionally, it’s important to practice what you preach when it comes to sourcing the food you’d like to serve at your environmentally conscious wedding. Whether that means making a trip to the local butcher’s before the big day or planning to source your food directly from your own allotment, considering where your food comes from, how it’s gotten there and who made it is sure to make your cuisine even more delicious!

From the small decorative touches in your wedding attire to the larger wedding foundations such as your venue and food choices, complementing your nature-inspired wedding with plenty of unique touches special to you and your partner will make you proud to share your day with the friends and family you’ve chosen to join you.


Author bio:

Anna Emmett is the owner of Henryka Jewellery, specialising in hand-crafted, unique silver, amber and gemstone jewellery that’s inspired by the natural world.


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