10 Taylor Swift Songs For Your First Dance

Taylor Swift singing

Taylor Swift really does impact every aspect of life – including the first dance song at your wedding! Here are 10 tracks you’ll love…

Taylor Swift songs are a popular choice for first dance songs due to their heartfelt lyrics, relatable themes, and emotional melodies. 

Many couples find that Taylor Swift’s music captures the essence of love, relationships, and personal experiences in a way that resonates with them. 

Additionally, her songs often have a romantic and nostalgic quality that makes them ideal for setting the mood during a special moment like a first dance at a wedding.

1. “Love Story” 

This classic song tells a timeless tale of love and romance, making it a perfect choice for a first dance.

2. “You Are in Love” 

The heartfelt lyrics and dreamy melody of this song capture the feeling of being deeply in love with someone.

3. “Enchanted”

With its enchanting lyrics and beautiful melody, this song creates a magical and romantic atmosphere.

4. “Lover” 

The title track of Taylor Swift’s album “Lover,” this song celebrates the joy and happiness of being in love.

5. “Begin Again” 

This song reflects the hope and excitement of starting a new chapter in a relationship, making it a poignant choice for a first dance.

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6. “Wildest Dreams” 

The dreamy and romantic vibe of this song makes it a great choice for a slow and intimate first dance.

7. “Fearless”

The empowering message of this song, combined with its sweet melody, can set a positive and uplifting tone for the first dance.

8. “Mine” 

This song captures the feeling of finding true love and wanting to hold onto it forever, making it a meaningful choice for a first dance.

9. “New Year’s Day” 

The intimate and heartfelt lyrics of this song, along with its gentle melody, create a tender and emotional atmosphere.

10. “Long Live” 

This anthemic song celebrates love, friendship, and shared memories, making it a powerful and emotional choice for a first dance at a wedding.

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