9 Entertaining Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Entertaining Ideas for wedding day

There’s no shortage of wedding entertaining ideas for your special day! What you choose will depend on your own personal preferences and what suits your wedding style.

Aside from the wedidng singer, wedding band or wedding DJ, there are lots of other entertaining ideas to enhance the experience of your wedding guests and make your day truly memorable. We highlight nine options below…


A caricaturist is guaranteed to entertain your guests! Its an entertaining idea that adds a unique element to your special day. A caricaturist can entertain your guests by capturing their personalities and features in a fun exaggerated way. It’s a fantastic ice-breaker and creates a memorable experience for everyone. Plus, it provides guests with a memorable keepsake to take home.


Having a mixologist at your wedding is a must! They bring a whole new level off excitement and creativity to the bar experience. A skilled mixologist can craft unique and delicious cocktails that perfectly complement your wedding theme and preferences. Not only will your guests be impressed with the expertly crafted drinks, but they’ll also enjoy the interactive engaging experience of watching the mixologist work their magic.

Drag Performers

Drag performers bring a vibrant and energetic atmosphere that is sure to entertain your guests. These performers are incredibly talented and can put on a show like no other. From their dazzling make-up, costumes and captivating performances create a truly unique and memorable experience for your guests.

Drag performer at wedding


A magician is a great way to create a sense of enchantment and keep your guests entertained during different parts of the ceremony, like cocktail hour or between courses. Plus, a skilled magician can also customise their performance to incorporate elements that are meaningful to you as a couple. It’s a unique form of entertainment that will leave a lasting impression on everyone.

Photo Booth

A photo booth would be a fantastic way to capture fun and candid moments with your loved ones. Your guests can let loose, strike poses and created lasting memories together. The instant prints make for great keepsakes and can even be customised with your wedding logo or hashtag. It’s a wonderful addition to your wedding that will provide your guests with a tangible reminder of the joyous celebration. 

a vintage photobooth at a wedding is an entertaining idea

Live Painting 

Live painting adds an artistic touch and created a beautiful keepsake of your big day. Plus your guests will be amazed as they watch the painting come to life through the event. It’s a wonderful way to make your wedding even more memorable for both yourselves and your guests. 

Incognito Opera Singers 

Incognito Opera Singers add an element of surprise and elegance to your special day, while creating a fun and interactive experience for your guests. The opera singer can blend in with the crowd creating a sense of mystery and anticipation. When the time is right they reveal themselves and captivate everyone with their powerful performance. This will create a truly magical and unforgettable experience at your wedding having its impression on the guests. 

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Burlesque or Acrobatic Performers  

Whether its a sultry burlesque routine or a jaw-dropping acrobatic display, these performers will leave your guests in awe and create memories that will last a lifetime. It’s the perfect entertaining idea to make your wedding stand out from the rest and will create a unique unforgettable experience for your guests.


A wedding firework display can add a truly special and personal element to your day. It can also create beautiful photos for everyone to have as a memory. With the firework display you are able to customise what kind of fireworks you would like for example what colours and the what kind of speed you would like the display. This is a perfect way to start married life with a huge pizazz. However, if this blows the budget or isn’t an option at your venue, then sparklers will add an entertaining way to kick off your evening celebrations.

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