Best Capitals in Europe to Host a Stag or Hen Party Confirmed!


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Weddings can be costly, therefore finding an affordable place to enjoy your stag or hen do without having to compromise on the fun and quality of the time away is crucial, meaning these findings offer a fantastic insight for any couples looking to get away with their friends and family before their big day.

A new study has found that London, Prague and Sofia are the top European capitals for stag and hen dos. Skopje in North Macedonia, which features in the top ten capitals in Europe for bachelor and bachelorette parties, has the most affordable accommodation of all.

This is all according to a new study from Slot.Day, who analysed the quality of nightlife and the cost of accommodation in all European capitals.

Best Hen and Stag Celebration Destinations

London is Europe’s best destination for stag and hen parties among all capital cities on the continent. It has a staggering 854 highly rated bars, clubs and pubs to choose from on a typical night out. It is worth noting that London is the fifth most expensive European capital for accommodation, estimated at an average of €350.61 per person for a three-night stay. However, the unmatched range of things to do on a hen or stag trip outweighs the steeper hotel costs.

Famous for its variety of award-winning beer, Prague is the second-best capital city in Europe for stag and hen parties. At half the cost for hotels compared to London, Prague boasts 418 nightlife places that earned stellar reviews from its visitors.

A top destination in the summer, Bulgaria also has its capital city as a major tourist attraction. Sofia offers its visitors a choice of 112 bars and clubs rated four stars and above, while hotels are a reasonable €125.6 per person for three nights.

Other top destinations for hen and stag destinations are Skopje (North Macedonia), Tirana (Albania), Bucharest (Romania), Belgrade (Serbia), Warsaw (Poland), Berlin (Germany) and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). They all have a good nightlife-hotel balance.

Michael Slot, main author and journalist of Slot.Day, commented on the findings: “If you search for stag and hen dos on TripAdvisor, you will essentially see three main countries famous for them: France, Spain and Portugal. We wanted to find out which other European destinations might be the less obvious choices. 

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