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Best Upcoming Wedding Dates to get Married in 2024!


Looking to get married in the New Year? Check out our guide to finding the most popular upcoming wedding dates in 2024.

Whether you have a date in mind that is an anniversary for you and your partner, or you would like to have a completely separate date for your wedding, we have all the advice when choosing a date in the calendar for your 2024 wedding!

You have just said ‘yes’ to your forever after partner and now need to look for your venue! One of the questions the venue will ask you straight away is what date you are hoping to get married.

If you are still struggling to find a date that works for you, keep on reading!

Before you begin…

3 Day Weekends

If you are looking for a date in 2024 that will allow guests time to travel to and from the wedding venue, we would highly recommend booking your wedding around a bank holiday weekend. Allowing these extra days will encourage your guests to stay on for day two and also to explore the local area. Also, if you are booking a destination wedding, this would be a perfect option for you.

Astrological Dates

Those interested in astrology might want to look out for dates that are significant in the calendar for this reason! Astrological predictions suggest that the most popular date for weddings in 2024 will be the 21st of June! This is all due to the position of the moon, sun, stars and planets of course! The 10th of March and 6th of June are also predicted to be popular in the upcoming year.

Repeating Numbers

If you are a big lover of spirituality, picking angel numbers based on your beliefs of the marriage could be a great way to go! The angel number 2424 symbolises balance, stability, patience, and determination. These are qualities I am sure everyone would want in their relationship! Also, you might want to choose repeated numbers as they are easy to remember. You might surprise yourself when you forget the year of your anniversary in years to come!

The Best Dates to get Married in 2024


11/01/2024 (Thursday)

02/02/2024 (Friday)

20/02/2024 (Tuesday)

22/02/2024 (Thursday)

12/12/2024 (Thursday)


23/03/2024 (Saturday)

24/03/2024 (Sunday)

04/04/2024 (Thursday)

24/04/2024 (Wednesday)

05/05/2024 (Sunday)

25/05/2024 (Saturday)


06/06/2024 (Thursday)

24/06/2024 (Monday)

26/06/2024 (Wednesday)

24/07/2024 (Wednesday)

27/07/2024 (Saturday)

08/08/2024 (Thursday)

28/08/2024 (Wednesday)


29/09/2024 (Sunday)

24/10/2024 (Thursday)

11/11/2024 (Monday)

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