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Dilemma Diary: Common Wedding Problems Solved!


You’ve asked, we’ve answered: your wedding dilemmas solved with some wise words from our undercover wedding expert…

“My fiancé’s ex-wife is threatening to not allow his daughter (who is supposed to be our flower girl) to go to the wedding if she is not invited herself! She is only doing this out of spite and will probably show up in a ridiculous outfit to try and outdo me. What do I do?”

Oh no she didn’t! Girl, we can feel your anger through the screen and we’re right there with you. But for now, let’s just take a breath and think about what’s the most important thing here – you, him and your future stepdaughter. Remember that this upset you’re feeling right now (which is totally valid!) is probably what this ‘lady’ wants you to feel, so don’t let her get in the way of your wedding bliss!

Obviously, no one wants their fiancé’s ex-wife to witness their new husband say ‘I do’ to them for the second time. Especially if she wants to be there out of ‘spite’ like you say. As much as we don’t want to give you the ‘be the bigger person’ lecture, there are just times in life when you have no choice.

The last thing we want is for your future stepdaughter to miss out on this magical experience with you and her father, so even though her Mum is being a huge pain (and a lot jealous, we may add), we say let her come. And if you’re worried about her showing up to try at ‘outdo’ you, remember that he chose you so you’re the real winner in the end, no matter what get-up she chooses to show up in!

It’s quite clear she wants a reaction, so the best thing you can do is not give it to her. Looking back, you’ll be much happier that you reacted with class and dignity, so just try your best to enjoy your day and don’t let her get under your skin – chances are you’ll be having so much fun with your new hubby and family to even care what she’s up to anyways!

“Help! My brother asked me if he can propose to his girlfriend at my wedding. At first, I was shocked and said yes, but now I am kind of regretting it as I wanted the day to just be about us. Can I go back on what I said?”

Let’s get one thing straight here – under no circumstances is it ever okay to propose at someone else’s wedding! Do we even need to say that?! Although, we are glad your brother was nice enough to ask your permission as we’ve heard of some surprise proposals at weddings that didn’t go down so well!

We know how big your wedding day is. It’s supposed to be all about you so don’t feel selfish for wanting that! But there are people out there that wouldn’t care less about someone proposing on their day. So, to answer your question, YES – you absolutely can go back on what you said. As long as you explain to your brother that you were taken back at first but would prefer a day just about the two of you, he should understand – and can have any other day of the year he likes!

“Is it okay to ask your bridesmaids to cover up their tattoos? One of my closest friends has a huge arm tattoo that would seriously clash with my theme – I love my friend, but this isn’t the look I want for my day!”

Okay…this is a tricky one. We understand you only get one wedding day, so we get it if you have a perfect vision in your head and want it to look a certain way. So, for this reason we think it’s okay to ask your bridesmaid if they wouldn’t mind covering their tattoos, but there are a few things to think about before you go there. Number one being that many people see their tattoos as a form of identity so it’s likely that your bridesmaid may take offence to this.

Some people are more than happy to cover up their tattoos, but if you start to realise your bridesmaid is feeling hurt about this even after you’ve explained your reasons are not personal, is it really worth falling out over? Also, if the tattoo is something sentimental or meaningful, you may want to rethink this entirely! Remind yourself of the real reason you asked her to be your bridesmaid in the first place – sometimes a true friend beside you on your day is worth more than any wedding aesthetic.

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