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Dress To Impress: Get The Body To Suit Your Wedding Dress


Between exercise and workouts, diets and non-surgical treatments, we have the low-down on how to get the perfect body to match your wedding dress!

Remember the saying – Vera doesn’t fit you, you fit Vera – by Vera we are referring to Vera Wang and her designer wedding dresses but whether Vera Wang or not, we all worry about look good in whatever wedding dress we choose. So what type of exercise, diet or non-surgical treatment should you consider pursuing to make sure you look and feel your best, whatever style of dress you wear> Here are five popular styles of dresses to make sure you have the perfect plan! 


(L-R, Calliope from Ronald Joyce, Stlye BE476 from Ella Rosa and Jade from Lihi Hod.)

Using a rowing machine as part of your cardio work out at the gym will help tone and sculpt your arms, ensuring they will be perfectly showcased in your strapless wedding dress. Side planks are also a great work out. Start in a straight-arm side plank, your body forming a line from head to feet. With a weight in your free hand, lift your arm to the ceiling and lower it to your side. Switch sides and repeat.


To eliminate the build-up of back fat, consider upping your fibre intake. Snacking on oats, whole grain bread, brown rice and legumes will help slow digestion and curbs your appetite, preventing absorption of fat. To curb your calorie consumption while still satisfying your hunger, fill at least half your plate dinnertime with vegetables.

Recommended non-surgical treatment

If you chose to go down the non-surgical route, a great treatment to reduce fat in the upper arms is CoolSculpting. A non-invasive fat reduction procedure that involves no anaesthesia, needles, or incisions, it’s based on the principle of cooling subcutaneous fat to the point that the fat cells are destroyed by the cooling process and absorbed by the body. 


(L-R Letizia from Sareh Nouri Letizia, Harper from Donna Salado and Whitley by Allison Webb)


Squats are a great way to get a more rounded and taut bum. To start, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your chest up and face forward. Sit down slowly into an imaginary chair and push up, focusing on engaging the muscles in your bum and make sure your heels stay on the floor throughout! 


To get a rounder and firmer bum, add more fish and protein to your diet. Fish is loaded with protein and healthy fats such as omega-3-fatty acids. Include salmon, tuna, mackerel, haddock and anchovies, in your meals to get a good dose of protein.

Recommended non-surgical treatment:

For a perfectly round bum, consider having a Brazilian Bum Lift. A safe and clinically proven way to reduce fatty deposits and cellulite while tightening and shaping the skin, Brazilian Bum Lifts use tri-polar radio frequencies in combination with a vacuum roller, which effortlessly penetrate layers of subcutaneous fat, contouring your buttocks, while tightening the skin and reducing cellulite.


(L-R Dorothy by Kelly Faetanini, Nina by Ines di Santo and Style 44168 from Sincerity.)


Since A-line wedding dresses focus on the waist and tummy area, consider doing basic crunches. Lie face-up on the floor with your legs hip-width apart and knees bent 45 degrees. Place your hands behind your head, but do not place your fingers. Lift toward the ceiling until your shoulders leave the ground. Exhale on the way up and concentrate on pulling your belly button down toward your spine. Keep your chin lifted and make sure you’re not pulling on your neck.


Following a low-carb diet is an effective way to lose weight around the tummy area. Try to eliminate or drastically reduce your intake of all starchy carbs and sugars, which will lead to a reduction in body fat, bloating and water weight.

Recommended non-surgical treatment:

To help reduce fat around the waistline, LipoContrast is an effective non-invasive fat reduction treatment. It delivers rapid results by heating, cooling and heating the fat cells through a 3 step cycle, this reduces body fat without damage or invasive methods.33% of the treated fat tissue will be eliminated and gradually breaks down through the metabolic system. Approximately 80% of the final result will be visible within 20 days.

Sweetheart Neckline

(L-R Roxanne from Morilee, Style 9708F from Allure Bridal and Lullaby from Charlotte Balbier.) 


If a sweetheart neckline dress is your style of choice, consider doing push-ups which will help build definition in the arm, shoulder, neck and chest area. Start by lying flat on the floor face down, with hands shoulder-width apart. Cross your ankles and bend your knees. Line up the neck and spine down to your knees. A variation in the set-up would be to extend the legs straight so the weight is on your toes rather than your knees.


To help reduce fat around your shoulder, neck and chest area, eat more leafy green vegetables such as kale, spinach and collards. They are perfect for a weight loss diet thanks to being low in calories and carbohydrates and loaded with fibre. Also, consider cups of green tea which helps increase the number of calories you burn.

Recommended non-surgical treatment:

Since sweetheart neckline dresses expose the upper arm and shoulder area, CoolSculpting would be a great option if you want to reduce fat in those areas.

Thigh-Split Dress

(L-R, Lexi Elm by Anna Campbell, Tressin from Herve Paris and Darling from Grace Loves Lace.)


If you’re wearing a leg-baring dress with a sexy slit, lateral jumping lunges will help define your quads and calves. Step out to the right and shift your body weight over your right leg, squatting to a 90-degree angle at the right knee. Try to sit down with your bum, keeping your back as upright as possible. Exhale, push off and bring your right leg back to the centre to complete one rep. Finish all reps on this side, and repeat on the left side to complete one set.


To reduce thigh fat, steer clear of refined carbs and sugar and instead eat more high-quality lean proteins such as seafood, lean meats and poultry, eggs, nuts, seeds and legumes. Opt for fat-free or low-fat dairy products and avoid highly processed foods whenever possible.

Recommended non-surgical treatment:

Want to show off your legs but fed up with cellulite? Consider Cellulaze Laser Therapy which uses minimally invasive means to reduce cellulite. The procedure consists of inserting a very small tube and laser fibre which delivers energy directly under the skin. The laser energy melts the fat and releases the fibrous bands that pull down on the skin that causes that annoying dimpled appearance, all while promoting collagen production.

Main image credit: Julie Vino Barcelona

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