How to Chill Out Before the Big Day


Feeling overwhelmed with all the planning? Here are a few ways to relax and wind down before the big day.


If you’ve never tired meditation before, now is the perfect time. There are loads of guided meditation apps and online videos to help you get started, or you can attend a local yoga class. All you need is a comfy place to sit or lie down with minimal distraction, and just 10 minutes can instantly help you feel more peaceful and ready to face the big day.

Pamper Yourself

Nothing beats a spa weekend with your girlfriends to ease a frazzled mind. A massage, facial or pedicure in a spa setting will do wonders for your stress levels. A scenic location mixed with specialised spa treatments is the perfect tonic for a stress-free bride.

Get Active

Exercise is without a doubt one of the best ways to eliminate stress, so go for a run, join an exercise class at the gym or simply dance around your kitchen. Any type of physical movement will produce uplifting endorphins to help you feel more positive in both mind and body.

Calming Candles

Create a calming environment for yourself by lighting candles throughout your home. A luxurious scented candle is the perfect stress buster; look for those with lavender and rosemary scented oils due to their relaxing properties. These little indulgences are necessary for helping you stay well balanced, so go ahead and treat yourself!

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Write It Down

Writing down your feelings, especially any that are making you feel anxious, will help clear your mind. Any emotions you’ve been bottling up will be released once you’ve written them down and you can identify what’s bothering you and stop more worries festering. It’s a great way to get emotions out into the open and then deal with them in your own time.

Bathing Bliss

Taking 30 minutes to soak in a nice warm bath. Make sure the water is warm enough to relax any tense muscles and use scented bubble bath or bath salts for added aromatherapy. As you lie there, focus on nothing at all except breathing in and out – this will give you a moment to fully recharge.

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