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How to Create a Wedding Vision Board


Looking for the perfect way to see how you envision your wedding to look like? Have you considered a wedding vision board?

Wedding vision boards are highly useful in preparation for your dream wedding day. In previous years, a traditional wedding vision board would have been made from brides using magazines like ours! They would cut images the images they liked out of the magazine and stuck them together on a board! Now, we are in the digital-savvy era, and more and more brides are building their own vision boards online.

This allows the bride to change images on their vision board instantly. In this way, your creativity can flow much more easily. But where do you start with a wedding vision board? And how do you successfully make one? Wedding Journal has all the answers to prepare for your picture-perfect wedding day!

What is a Wedding Vision Board?

A wedding vision board consists of colour themes, wedding images, bridal fashion, floral, menus, desserts, centrepieces, signature drinks, heels… The list goes on! The wedding vision board is a representation of how you and your partner envision your wedding day to look. Creating a wedding vision board allows you and your partner to tap into your creativity. It can help narrow down your wedding theme, aesthetic and style.

How to Create a Wedding Vision Board

Sit down with your partner and decide what you BOTH like.

While this might seem obvious, you would be surprised how many brides would go ahead and create their vision board and then send it on to their partner! We suggest that before you get too excited and start planning ahead, try and spend some time with your partner and discuss what they want their wedding day to look like. You might be surprised that your visions end up aligned!

Make the most of social media and content platforms to hone in on your preferences.

Don’t feel disheartened if you gather your images and find major differences between aesthetics. The more variety you play about within your wedding vision board, the better! You can really start to figure out whether you like something because it’s a ‘trend’ or if it fits into your and your partner’s style. Very helpful platforms are Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok! The more you start liking content, the more the algorithm will be trying to find it for you, so make sure you are responding to the content you like.

Use Digital Design Services.

When you see something that you like, make sure to screenshot it so that it is stored on your phone to use for your wedding vision board. There is nothing worse than trying to find the content and it’s gone! Therefore, screenshotting images onto your phone will be your new favourite pastime! After you have gathered all the images together that you like, use a service such as Canva, where you can lay out all the images together. We recommend you try and keep your board to a minimum of ten pictures as it can be very hard to stick to anything above this number.

Play About with It!

Just because you have found your perfect 10 images and it looks pretty, doesn’t mean your vision board is done. Be open to finding any new content on social media to keep your vision board exactly as you want your wedding to look. For many brides, their wedding won’t be happening for another year or more, so it’s important to keep evolving your vision board as the months go on until you find the perfect look for you that is still relevant up until your wedding day.

Try and Stay Away from the Trends

We are all guilty for loving trends and adapting to them to keep up with the times! However, a trend can very quickly date. You might find that you LOVE pearls at the minute, but give it a few months, you might find you have moved onto bows! Trends within the wedding industry very quickly come and go, so you must pick themes that reflect you both as a couple. They must be significant as they reflect your unique style, not the majority of the population!

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