How To Do A First Look With Your Bridal Party

Bride giving bridesmaids first look at her dress

While a first look may seem like a spare of the moment job on your wedding day, it realistically takes a lot of planning to perfect! 

Filming ‘first looks’ with your bridal party is growing increasingly popular, especially on social media. Everywhere you look, whether it’s TikTok or Instagram, brides have now begun documenting this precious moment, showcasing their look to the bridal party. First looks can ease your nerves and create a cherished moment with your family and friends. It can also produce the most genuine and intimate images for your wedding photographs.

Make Sure You Have Lots of Time

Despite what you’d think, planning a first look could take an hour or more out of your morning! Make sure everyone has plenty of time, so it can come across as relaxing as possible.

Start off your morning lounging in your pyjamas with your bridal party, sipping on some bubbles! Why not have some personalised pyjamas so the photographer can also capture those getting ready moments. 

Make sure the hair and make-up team are aware that you would like to have some time for a big reveal so that they are well prepared. You should also make sure the photographer or videographer are aware of the reveal from the get-go. That way, they can arrange and find the best spots for lighting. 

Think ahead about a good reveal spot so that everyone, including the photographer, is aware of where you’d like this to take place. 

Image courtesy of Sasha Treanor Photography

Make Sure There Are Separate Rooms

If you want your reveal to be an extra special moment, we recommend you have your own room to get changed and ready. That way no one will see you beforehand, and the reactions are genuine! 

Have a family member or a close friend help you into your dress in your room. You might want to have a photographer ready for them special moments. For instance, you might have buttons or a corset back on your dress. These images can also look very special in your album.

Make sure there is enough space for your bridal party to get ready at the same time. We recommend that the bridal party do not get changed until you are ready to do so. That way, there is no inconsistencies with attire. 

If you have booked a house or hotel for the morning of the wedding, ensure that there is enough room for this to happen. You may have to book several rooms or adjoining rooms if your venue is a hotel.


Image courtesy of Ryan McDonald

Final Moments Matter!

We recommend making someone else responsible for the overall delivery of the reveal on the day. This could be the photographer, a family member, a bridesmaid or even a stylist. That way, it won’t feel like you are adding pressure on the bridal party to ‘perform’.  You don’t want your bridal party to feel like they are forcing a reaction.

With that in mind, we do recommend that the party is told to put their phones down during the reveal. Bridesmaids holding their phones won’t look aesthetically pleasing in the photographs! You also want to make sure they aren’t caught off-guard in the moment. Selfies can always come later!

Other than that, enjoy! This is an intentional, extra special moment with your favourite people. Make the most of the memories. 

Featured image courtesy of Sasha Treanor Photography

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