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Finding and booking your wedding suppliers is an exciting time, but it can also be an incredibly stressful time if you don’t attack it with heaps of positivity and organisation.

Finding the wedding suppliers that are right for you and your future spouse can feel overwhelming on occasion, and so, if you’re treading the tricky path of rebooking your wedding, you may be wondering how you’re going to find the right suppliers all over again.

Hopefully you’ve been lucky enough to secure some of the suppliers you had booked for your original do, but in all likelihood there are a few of your suppliers who just aren’t available for your new date – no matter how much they’d like to be.

But never fear. Here at Wedding Journal, we know a thing or two about booking suppliers and we’re here to make it the least stressful process possible.

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Chat to your venue

Your venue might have a list of recommended wedding suppliers, so it’s a good idea to chat to them if you haven’t already got new suppliers in mind. They’ll be able to make suggestions and may have some indication as to the suppliers’ availability.

The wedding suppliers on this list will be really familiar with your venue which can be a massive plus point when it comes down to nitty gritty details like points of contact, restrictions and access times.

Do your homework

While you may be keen to book new wedding suppliers ASAP, this isn’t something you should rush into. You want to take your time with each decision and give it as much time and energy as you did the first time around.

This might involve logging back into Pinterest to get inspiration and clarity on what exactly it is you want or looking back on friends’ and family’s weddings to suss out what you like and don’t like.

You’ll need to consider the size of the wedding too. Has your big day changed from a big lavish do to a small intimate affair? Have you changed venues or moved the reception outdoors? Will it have a different feel as a result?

Whatever kind of wedding you’re planning you’ll want to make sure the suppliers you book not only reflect the style of your big day (rustic, vintage, elegant etc) but are able to cater for the numbers you want to have.

Once you’ve sussed out the kind of wedding you plan on having, it’s a good idea to find similar weddings that recently took place in your area. Scan through the credits. It’s a great way to find local wedding suppliers who are able to create the kind of wedding you want.

Start searching

Most couples find their suppliers via internet searches, real wedding shoots, supplier directories (like ours here), recommendations from friends and family and advertisements.

Start making a note of any that catch your eye or come up in conversation and then begin to narrow them down.

Ask yourself these questions. Does this wedding supplier suit the overall style and feel of your big day? Are they within your budget? Are they based nearby or are they willing to travel?

Once you’ve considered these you should have a shortlist. Now it’s time to approach them.

Get in contact

Now’s the time to flex your communication muscle and make sure you are both brief and clear. You can choose to get in touch via social media or via email. The choice is up to you. Just be sure you include all the necessary details, like you and your partner’s names, the best way to get in touch with you, your wedding date, your wedding venue and the service you require.

If you’re a couple who has postponed, you might also like to add that you’re rebooking.

Next, make sure you ask the right questions. You’ll need to find out their availability first and foremost, along with details of the packages they offer, their booking procedure and deposit and payment terms.

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Be patient

Email replies might be slower right now. It’s likely many wedding suppliers will be dealing with a high volume of enquires from other couples who are postponing so responses may take a little bit longer. They could be waiting to hear back from another couple or busy with admin, so give them time. It’s okay to send them a gentle reminder after a week if you still haven’t heard anything.

Have a consultation

Okay, so it might not be possible to meet your potential suppliers right now but it is a good idea to have an online consultation with them, if possible.

You can get together on a Zoom call to discuss the finer details and iron out any aspects you’re not clear on. And they make be able to give you a demo of what it is they do.

Plus, it helps to put a face to the name and gives you an indication of what this person would be like to work with.

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Make a decision

By now you should have been fortunate enough to find suppliers available on your new date and narrowed it down to one or two wedding suppliers in each category. You could write pros and cons lists and over-analyse every detail of the service they offer until you’re blue in the face but our advice is go with your gut. You know deep down who the right supplier is for you.

Looking for suppliers? Head to our online directory for an extensive list of wedding suppliers in Ireland.


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