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How To Perfect Your Wedding Table Plan!


Looking to create a perfect table seating chart so you can get some peace of mind on who sits where? Keep on reading!

When planning your wedding table plan, you might be filled with dread about where to start! Maybe you have fears of the politics of who will be happy sitting where, and the space needed to fill for the room. We have all the advice you will need for planning your table seating so that everyone is happy.

Here is your step-by-step guide on how to perfect your wedding table plan.

Contact your wedding venue and request a floor plan

Your wedding venue should be able to give you a full floor plan with everything you will need to consider. Things like space dimensions, electric locations, bathrooms and bar locations will help shape where you want your seats to be. This will give you a realistic plan on how to successfully seat everyone where they need to be.

Place the essentials down first

You might have a vision of where you want the food stands, DJ and any added extras to be standing within the room. Allowing yourself to place them within the room first will give you a clearer idea of where to seat your guests and what type of wedding table plan you might like.

Pick your table shape 

Would you like your table plan to consist of round tables or rectangular tables? You might want your wedding table plan to look traditional with round tables throughout the room, or you might want to hop on the trend with rectangular tables to make the wedding more informal. Whatever your choice, make sure to bear these shapes in mind within the room and decide whether it will work or not.

How many tables will you need for your wedding table plan?

Would you want to have 6, 8, or 10 people seated per table? And how many guests will there be attending the wedding? These are questions you will need to know in order to perfect your wedding table plan. It might help asking your venue how many tables they usually require for the numbers you are requesting to attend. That way, you will have a rough idea of what typically looks good in the room.

Think about the bridal party and where you will be seated

Whether you are wanting to have a table with your bridal party, a table for just you and your partner, or a table with only your family, these are all things to consider when placing people into your wedding table plan. If you feel there will be family drama having a top table, we recommend you have a sweetheart table, where it will only include you and your partner. That way, the focus is completely on the pair of you on your wedding day.

Should you keep groups who know each other together, or separate them?

You might want to make sure that certain guests will get on with the person next to them, or you might want to force people to get to know each other. Whatever you prefer, make sure to consider this for the whole wedding party. Maybe you could seat people together based on how you predict they will get on. Do they like the same things? Weddings are all about combining families together as one, so we definitely think breaking groups up can only encourage this.

Go digital with your wedding table plan

There is no doubt a table plan takes time. With this in mind, you might prefer to go digital with your wedding table plan, as it can be changed and adapted instantly. You’d be surprised at how many times you will change your wedding seating chart, so are are all here for getting with the times!

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