How to Plan a Sustainable Wedding Day


We are well aware that sustainable weddings are on the increase for many reasons!

We are loving how these weddings can not only be a lot more cost effective, but they also substantially reduce a carbon footprint.

Food waste, clothing materials and delivery carbon emissions can become hugely damaging for our environment, especially considering it is all for one day! Not to worry, we have done some digging and found 9 top tips when planning a sustainable wedding day.

Please note, we are aware that the prospects of creating a 100% eco-friendly wedding day would be incredibly difficult, and could become very overwhelming. When planning your sustainable wedding day, make sure to cut yourself some slack. The fact you are making these steps in doing the research is already a step in the right direction.


Wedding Venue

Travel to and from the wedding venue can greatly damage our environment. Whilst you might be thinking you are only responsible for your travel to and from the venue, you will need to remember you are asking your guests to also make the same journey! If you are looking for a destination wedding, have a think about your guest numbers and try and keep them to a minimum. Likewise, if your wedding venue is close to home, take into consideration travel and car journeys.

Also, a lot of venues have not fully adapted to providing a sustainable wedding yet. Make sure to ask your venue if they support sustainable weddings, whether that is in relation to food waste, ingredients or involvement in charity initiatives.

Food Menu

A sustainable food menu is a must! If your venue is providing your wedding menu, make sure to ask them if their produce is eco-friendly. If you are looking for a seperate catering team, it is essential to find one with a sustainable ethos. Food that is organic, local, and ethically-produced is critical when organising a sustainable menu. Vegetarian and vegan menus also significantly reduce the environmental impact of the wedding meal.

Also looking into local distillers and wine merchants can substantially reduce your eco-footprint.

Wedding Cake

Similar to your food menu, asking your baker for your wedding cake about organic, local produce is highly recommended. It is also recommended to use reusable décor for your wedding cake. Second hand faux flowers and ribbons are perfect for this. That way, you are looking after the planet, and also incorporating your wedding into future memories down the line!

Sustainable Stationery

If you are looking for wedding correspondence that does not impact our environment, you might want to digitally invite your guests to your wedding day. If you are still wanting to incorporate the tradition elements into your wedding planning, such as having an invite for guests sent via post, why not make sure your invites only have one paper element. Why not attend a calligraphy class and design your own invites, table plans and menus?

Bridal & Bridesmaid Dresses

Looking for a unique way to stand out from the rest on your wedding day? Why not look for a vintage wedding dress from one of your relatives? You could be surprised at how you could completely transform a dress! If you don’t have any vintage dress options, you could pop down to a second-hand store or a charity bridal store and find your perfect dress there!

After your wedding day, think about options such as rewearing, reselling, donating or recycling your wedding dress. Similar to redesigning a vintage dress, you could potentially redesign your wedding dress after your wedding day so it could be used again. You could even dye your dress and transform it into something even more special!

Groomswear Suit

There are many ways for your grooms suit to be more eco-friendly. Your groom might have a suit he already owns that stands apart from the rest! Or, they could pick a suit that is guaranteed to be worn again after the wedding.

Wedding Flowers

When looking into wedding flowers for your wedding day, it is essential that you pick flowers that are in season around the time of year you are getting married. Instead of the flowers simply dying, you could have them donated to a local charity or hospital.

If you are lookign for faux flowers, you could certainly find some online and on social media that are second hand and could be repurposed in your home as decor.

Ceremony & Reception Decor

When decorating your venue, make sure to use reusable decor. You could also ask your venue if they use reusable decor for their weddings. This might be the case, and then you won’t have to worry about this at all! It is also best to use non-toxic candles, and biodegradable confetti or glitter if needed.

It might also help to look for second-hand wedding decor online. This could then be passed on to the next bride. We love this option!

Charitable Donations

Charity favours are something we absolutely adore! Whether you are looking for a charitable donation that is eco-friendly, or maybe just simply hits home, make sure to do some research and open up to this option! Instead of getting gifts you don’t need, this could be a heartfelt alternative.

Who knows, you could also get your guests to plant a tree on your behalf!

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