How to Plan a Timeless Wedding


If you want to style your wedding in order that it still doesn’t look out of place in 25 years time, here’s everything you need to know.

The best way to organise a timeless event is to host a classic affair with plenty of design details that have already proven they can stand the test of time. So, it’s best to choose colour palettes, fashion, and décor that will still feel relevant in years to come. You can still infuse the day with plenty of personality, as one of the elements that makes a wedding timeless is it’s genuine reflection of your unique love story.


If you want to marry abroad, consider a venue that’s steeped in history. A picturesque villa in Italy or chateau in France, will not only be beautiful on your wedding day, but will also create timeless memories. Closer to home a stately home or luxurious hotel that is classic in architecture will create a backdrop for your big day that is as relevant in 20 years’ time as it is today.

It all starts with the invitation, this will be your guest’s first look at your theme. Choosing invitations that don’t go over the top will certainly say ‘timeless’ celebration. Use a classic colour palette like white, black and gold.

Dress Code

What your guests wear will have an impact on the overall feel of your celebration, so picking the right attire style is important. By requesting black-tie and formal attire, you automatically create an elevated style that stands the test of time.


Green and white flowers are classic and neutral. From a full, more formal look, to a looser arrangement of wild greens, this colour combination is versatile and classic enough that it is here to stay. Roses symbolise love and beauty, making them the perfect choice for wedding flowers.

Colour Palette

Forget what is trending, a soft colour palette is always a good rule of thumb. Something like a French blue or classic taupe is always sophisticated and elegant. Pick two to three soft colours that suit your style best and keep it simple.


You could plan a big day that’s entirely timeless, but if you hire a photographer with a trendy, of-the-moment aesthetic, your photos might not stand the test of time. A photographer with a classic editing style, natural colour tones, and graceful composition will create photographs never go out of style. Ask your photographer to edit some shots without colour. Black and white photography is classic, timeless, and elegant. It creates a sophisticated look that will never go out of style.

Wedding Attire

Opt for a tuxedo for the groom or a morning suit if you wish for a more formal look. As for the wedding dress think timeless and classic in the cut. Remember less is always more, so avoid overcomplicating the style with unnecessary embellishments, however, a traditional long, sweeping veil is a beautiful accessory.


A singer at your ceremony and live music at your reception drinks is a classic touch. Also when it comes the evening reception, do research the wedding band available and ensure you get the right for the style and song selection you want for the evening.

Pre-dinner Drinks

Serving Champagne is a classic choice for a wedding. Serve your favourite bubbly in coupes, stacked in a tower, to make for an extra celebratory (and photo-worthy) moment at your reception.

Wedding Cake

Cake trends come and go, but traditional tiered white one always looks good. Remember, you can be less traditional with your choice of cake filling!


Candlelight creates an intimate atmosphere which can transform any space. Adding clusters of pillar and votive candles or simple white taper candles to your tabletop is an inexpensive touch that will also never go out of style.


After you say ‘I do’ there’s nothing more timeless than heading off with your spouse in a vintage car, which could be adorned with a sign and floral detailing.

A Sparkling Exit At the end of the evening if you are leaving the reception venue, have your guests line up for a sparkler send-off. It’s a beautiful end to

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