How To Plan An Unforgettable Wedding Send-Off


Here’s how to plan a farewell that will leave a lasting impression!

When you are planning your wedding, one of the most anticipated parts of your day will be capturing the ceremony and reception entrances. However, many couples forget about their wedding send-off both locations. You want to make sure you capture that moment perfectly. These moments can be truly priceless, and you can allow yourself to be as creative as you want! Let your imagination run wild!

In order to plan this moment to perfection, you have to reflect on what send-off you feel would reflect both of you as a couple. These are the moments you want to treasure forever! Popular farewells include waving sparklers, tossing flower petals, or speeding off in a car of your choice. The options are endless, which is why you should definitely not forget about this moment!

We are here to help you every step of the way. Keep reading to find out more popular ways you could say farewell to your nearest and dearest.

Planning a Wedding Send-Off? Here are the Most Popular Options…


Looking for the classic and traditional wedding send-off? We would recommend getting some sparklers for your guests so they can wave them as you leave! Sparklers can be very budget friendly and can leave a lasting impression. The photographs and videos always look chic and glam when you make sure your guests stand on both sides of you and your partner and you both run through the sparklers! We obviously recommend holding out on doing this until the evening time, when it’s dark!


Looking for a unique send off after your ceremony or reception? Make sure to do a bit of research into weddings that have had bubbles used for their wedding send-off! This send-off doesn’t require any cleaning up after. We don’t know about you, but we can’t help but smile when we see loved ones blowing bubbles! Also, contrary to belief, they can definitely be used as a farewell in the evening time. With the correct lighting and advice from your photographer for photos, they can really stand out as a unforgettable farewell. You could also use glow in the dark bubbles for an extra ‘pop’!

Venue: Ulster Museum

Flower Petals

If you are looking for some timeless elegance on your wedding day, we highly recommend your guests tossing some flower petals as you leave. This option can look fun and add a bit of colour to the day. You could also get your guests to toss more flower petals when you have your first kiss. These wedding photographs always last the test of time. Why not have some dried flowers for a more sustainable option?


Another way to make your farewell truly unforgettable is to incorporate glitter. This can look truly breathtaking in front of the camera and video! We recommend purchasing larger glitter than normal so it is easier to clean up. Be aware, it might be tricky to remove the glitter from your dress, hair and face if you have been up dancing all night long!


If you are looking for something less messy than glitter, launching confetti might be the right send-off for you! The confetti can bring a real ‘wow-factor’ to any wedding. It also ensures your wedding goes off with a bang! We would recommend looking into songs that you enjoy that also has a big chorus or ending as this could be highly memorable for years to come! You could make the confetti match with your wedding colours or you could stick with the traditional gold and silver tones. The options are endless to make it your own.

Venue: Lusty Beg Island Resort


We love some colourful streamers to brighten up any wedding day! When you are leaving your ceremony or wedding reception, get your guests to line up on either side of the exit so they can launch the canon streamers as you walk past. Like confetti, these send-offs can look stunning in pictures as they are unmissable. Again, you could go for your wedding colour theme or something more traditional.

Hit the Road!

A classic wedding exit is to leave in style by car! Alexa, play ‘getaway car’ by Taylor Swift! Leaving your venue via car can look very chic in photographs and also is a fantastic send off for your family and friends. They are able to cheer you on as you leave. You could use your own car and maybe decorate it at the back, or you could hure our a classic car for a more cooler exit. We are sure you have seen the wedding car leaving the venue in movies with the ‘just married’ sign on the back! There are numerous options.

Photographer credit: Studio Brown

Set Sail

If you are a fan of the water and are looking for a send-off thats quirky and out of the ordinary, leaving by boat might be a fun option for you! This option gives you and your partner to soak up the surroundings and fully enjoy the moment on your wedding day. This option is available with venue Lusty Beg Island Resort! Make sure to check them out.

Venue: Lusty Beg

Looking for more inspo beyond your wedding send-off? Make sure to check out our online wedding directory for all local suppliers in Ireland!

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