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How to Successfully Plan a Mega-Moon! Honeymoon 2023 Trends


Many couples are choosing to supersize their postponed honeymoons into “mega-moons”. If you don’t know what a “mega-moon” is, keep on reading!

Couples who want to go for a ‘mega-moon’ typically spending more than they originally planned and plan a trip to dream destinations. The honeymoon becomes more of a once in a lifetime experience!

Research from Expedia suggested that there has been an increase in these types of honeymoons due to the covid pandemic, as brides and grooms did not getting to experience their honeymoon at the time. This has caused a massive boom in the trend!

At the moment, couples are preferring going for a short break away straight after the wedding and then saving up for a mega-moon.

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WJ brings you all the advice on how to perfect a mega-moon!

How to Perfect a Mega-Moon!

Go to your local Travel Agent

Choosing a local travel counsellor can take all the stress out of planning your honeymoon!

Honeymoon experts can offer tailor-made honeymoons, holidays  & multi city adventures. Your honeymoon especially, should be one of the most memorable and magical trips you take. If you book your honeymoon through a travel agent, you get the full VIP experience. The service also doesn’t have to eat up your entire budget before you’ve even boarded a plane!

Prices will obviously differ depending on who you go with. Some may charge initial fees and others may not charge any fees at all (and are instead compensated by the hotels and other travel suppliers they work with). We recommend contacting Travel Counsellors or NI Travel Counsellor for all your honeymoon planning!

Make it more of an adventure than a relaxing break if you want to go MEGA!

Why not make your mega-moon more of a break that consists of a multitude of activities or romantic adventures for you and your partner? A mega-moon is meant to be a once in a life experience. You do not want to look back on it and just remember lounging about! Try to break the time up with a mixture of activities you both haven’t done before to make it super memorable and special.

Choose the Destination based on your interests than recommendations.

Try and set aside some time to sit down together and chat about what you both haven’t done before that you would be keen to try. Maybe you would both like to take to some water-sports, or maybe go somewhere with sand dunes and explore historical architecture. Whatever it is, try and hone in on what you both like to do and research places to make that possible. You wouldn’t go to the Maldives if you are an adrenaline junkie!

Allow for some space and time in between.

You will need some time during your honeymoon to relax, have a wander and even get lost together! Try and avoid making a long-winded itinerary for the trip, as no doubt one of you might crash with exhaustion. If your time isn’t planned to the second, you will be able to have fun and laugh if something does go wrong.

Mix it up a bit!

Why not go all out for a few nights and then on a few nights bring it back to basics and spend some quality time together? That way, you will be able to fully appreciate your surroundings, wherever you are! Diversifying your experience will fully allow you to see the area as it is and also allow you to connect with the people and the culture.

Don’t put too much pressure on it.

At the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter where you both are straight after your wedding, as long as you are together! Try and not add too much pressure to the trip as it will no doubt create unnecessary arguments that don’t need to happen. Mega-moons is meant to be the start of something special, so try and embrace the whole trip and all that comes with it.

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