How to Successfully Pull Off Faux Flowers on your Wedding Day!


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There has been an increase in brides choosing faux flowers instead of real ones for several reasons.

Choosing faux flowers can be much more cost effective and you can also reuse your flowers for your home as a memory of the big day. They can also work if you or anyone close to you are allergic to flowers.

There is a fear that your faux flowers can look cheap in your photos. In this article, we provide you with the ultimate advice in choosing your faux flowers for your wedding, so that they look as fresh as a daisy!

Your Ultimate Guide when choosing Faux Flowers for your Wedding

Order your Flowers in Advance!

Faux flower can be much more cost effective than real flowers for your wedding. An added bonus is that they will also last a lifetime. Whilst it might seem like you don’t need time in advance to purchase your faux flowers, we would recommend ordering months or sometimes years in advance! This will not only help spread the cost of your wedding flowers, but it will also allow your florist to send you the flowers in advance so you are happy with them. You will then be able to make any changes that you feel might be necessary before your wedding day.

Make Sure You do your Research to Make Them Look Convincing.

Consider having a range of colours and sizes within your bouquet to make your flowers look convincing. While you might want one flower shape and colour, this can be one of the common mistakes brides make when choosing faux flowers. The more variety, the more they look realistic! Also, one single flower tends to have lots of shades of colour, so bear this in mind when researching your faux flower inspo.

Think about the Flower Stems!

Long stemmed faux flowers are on the rise with brides making the most of creating your own styled flower. This can make your flowers more of a statement in your wedding photographs. When speaking to your florist, make sure you consider the look of your stem as this can instantly make your flowers look worse if not done properly.

Look at the Real Thing

If you have a particular bunch of flowers in mind, make sure to do your research into each individual flower and what they look like in real life. If you study the flower, you will be able to see if the florist is doing a good job in accurately providing the faux flowers. Find the fau flower that works for you and certainly will fool the average eye!

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