It’s Time To Talk Leap Year Proposals!

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If you’re thinking of popping the question, Wedding Journal chats leap year proposals with Donna Cunningham, Galgorm Wedding Planner.

Have you seen many leap year proposals take place at Galgorm? Tell us about one that stood out for you? 

Over the years, we’ve witnessed several leap year proposals from both our guests and our employees, each unique to the couple’s style and romanticism. While some seize the opportunity to “take the leap” on this special day, others view February 29th as an extraordinary occasion, an additional day to celebrate and commit to their love for one another. For many, leap year proposals embody the exceptional nature of their relationship, symbolic of their individuality as a pair. 

Choosing the perfect setting for a proposal is a deeply personal and significant decision, and at Galgorm, we understand the importance of curating a moment that lasts a lifetime. Galgorm exudes romance at every turn, making it an unrivalled choice for crafting your unforgettable proposal.

Many leap year proposals have graced our serene riverside, surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing sounds of nature. We’ve had the pleasure of helping individuals meticulously craft their own unique love story – from private bathing experiences under the stars to exclusive dining setups with picturesque views, each corner of Galgorm is a canvas for love stories. We can’t give too much away (just in case we ruin the surprise), but the team has been working closely with a very special guest who is building up the courage to pop the question this Thursday 29th February on the grounds of Galgorm. 

Our dedicated team take great pride in helping couples turn their dreams into reality – personalising every detail, from selecting the perfect spot to arranging thoughtful touches that capture the essence of a couple’s relationship and makes their leap year proposal an intimate and cherished memory.

With its luxurious accommodations, world-class amenities, and a commitment to creating extraordinary moments, Galgorm Resort stands as a testament to the art of curating proposals. 

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What’s your thoughts on the Irish tradition of females proposing on the leap year? What advice would you give a female looking to propose to their partner this leap year?

The Irish tradition of females proposing on the leap year is a charming and empowering custom that adds a touch of uniqueness. At Galgorm Resort, we embrace the rich tapestry of traditions that make each love story special, and the leap year proposal tradition is no exception.

This tradition, rooted in folklore and history, symbolises a break from convention and empowers women to take the lead in expressing their love. For any female contemplating a leap year proposal, my advice would be to embrace the opportunity wholeheartedly. The key to a successful proposal lies in authenticity and personalisation. Consider what makes your relationship special – shared interests, or unique quirks – and incorporate these elements into the proposal.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to proposals. Be true to yourself and your relationship, and don’t be afraid to add personal touches that resonate with both of you. Whether it’s a heartfelt letter, a significant piece of music, or a special location within our resort, make the moment uniquely yours.

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Do you find that couples are breaking away from traditional proposals in general?  Are there any specific trends that stand out?

We have witnessed a shift in the way couples approach proposals, with many choosing to break away from conventional traditions. At Galgorm, we embrace and celebrate this evolving trend, understanding that each couple is unique and desires a proposal experience that reflects their individuality.

Couples are increasingly prioritising personalisation, opting for proposals that are a true reflection of their love story. From selecting distinct and meaningful locations on our picturesque grounds to incorporating personalised details, such as favourite songs, shared memories, or cultural elements, the emphasis is on creating an intimate and unforgettable moment.

One noticeable trend is the move towards experiences over tradition. Couples are seeking memorable adventures and shared activities as a backdrop to their proposal. Whether it’s a private picnic by the river, a stroll through our chandelier garden or a romantic spa retreat, the focus is on crafting a unique and cherished memory.

At Galgorm, we are committed to assisting couples in realising their vision for a personalised and memorable proposal. Our team is here to provide guidance, suggest unique settings within our resort, and help curate an experience that captures the essence of their relationship.

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