Pamela Walker Dramatic Weight Loss for Step Daughter’s Wedding!


Weddings can often push many to come out of our comfort zones and start their weight-loss journey.

47-year-old, Pamela Walker, from Hillsborough, struggled with weight-loss in the lead up to her step-daughters wedding.

With just three months to go until her step-daughter Megans wedding, Pamela was feeling at an all-time low. As everyone else was feeling excited about the beautiful dresses they had chosen, Pamela felt the opposite. Every outfit she tried on felt uncomfortable and she hated the way she looked and felt about herself. 

It was a chance meeting with her friend, Lynn Whan, who had lost over 45lbs on the Cinch Fast 30 programme. Lynn was looking and feeling fantastic, which lead to Pamela signing up to the 30-day challenge. 

Cinch Fast 30 was set-up by two local businesswomen, Nicola McIlhagger and Angela Hunter. Following their own weight loss and health improvements using Intermittent Fasting, they identified a clear gap in the market. This method didn’t involve calories counting, syns, cutting out major food groups or pounding it out at the gym. They developed a 30-day programme, and to-date it has helped over 1,000 people world-wide take back control of their lifestyle. It has helped them to lose weight, boost confidence, improve mindset and boost overall health.

Pamela explains: “I had been overweight for over a decade and had tried every weight loss method known to humankind, with some success but never long-lasting results. I was stuck in an endless cycle of losing a few pounds, but gaining them straight back and more!”

“I found as I got older no matter what I did the weight wasn’t shifting at all.  

“When I met Lynn I could not believe how young, fit and healthy she looked – when she explained she wasn’t even on a ‘diet’, she had simply changed the timing of her meals, I was intrigued to find out more. 

“The very first thing I noticed was that Cinch is very different to any other plan I had been on.”

“It allows you to still eat the nice things in life but within your eating window.  

“It simply changes the timing of your meals – and you decide what that time frame is!

“I try to eat as healthily as I can and have lost a total of 2 stone 3lbs (32lbs) and have been maintaining my weight loss for over a year.

“The best thing about the programme is all the information provided to explain the process and how Intermittent Fasting works. It is very gradual, and puts all of the control in your own hands, it simply outlines each protocol and encourages you to listen to your own body to find the fit. Then they support you each and every day. It’s life-changing. 

“Like any new lifestyle change, once you get over the first 2 weeks, which I found tough, it is so easy.

Pamela explains that the wedding was her main push for staying determined on her weight-loss journey.

“The wedding day was just absolutely magical! Megan looked radiant and we were so proud of her. I look back over the photographs now and see how happy and confident I was. I knew that this was the new me, no more feeling frumpy and hiding in the background. 

“Once the wedding was over, I continued with the Cinch Fast 30 plan. I was really enjoying the lifestyle, the renewed feeling of self-discipline, community and loved the new slimmer, healthier me.

“Typically, I choose to open my window around 1pm each day. It fits very easily into my lifestyle, as our house is so busy in the mornings nobody notices I’m not eating.

“I open my window at 1pm with one of the delicious Cinch recipes and close at 6.30pm after dinner. I change things up at the weekend and extend my window on a Saturday until about 9pm.  

“Normally, I drink black filtered coffee in the mornings and then stick to water – mostly hot water the rest of day.  

“If there are days when I get to 1pm and don’t feel hungry or if I’m busy doing something I’ll push my window further until 2pm.

“It is now second nature, I enjoy the feeling in my fast of allowing my body to rest and digest and of course burn fats cells.”

Cinch Fast 30 is an online community which features a series of E-books, daily videos direct to email, together with ongoing group support. There is also a recipe library and ten-minute work-out videos. There are also weekly Zooms, regular meet-ups, retreats, Supper Clubs and events. Mindset is a huge part of the programme, which is the missing link in most weight loss programmes.

Cinch Fast 30 is a community of people, with a similar goal, to live a happy, healthy life, without deprivation. 

Pamela continued: “I definitely feel so much better in myself, more energy, no more brain fog.  I would be more motivated to do things and go places.  My self confidence has grown so much and the old me is back.  I’m not hiding and dodging cameras in the same way either.  I love to know that my body is healing itself when I’m fasting which for me is another great motivator.

Pamela started her weight-loss journey due to the wedding and she has gained not only her confidence but friends too.

“The programme has given me a whole new bunch of friends, most of whom I have never met, but they support and cheer me on every day.

I am so grateful I found Cinch, I did my own research into Intermittent Fasting and when you read all the benefits of fasting especially heading towards the 50 age bracket I am more determined than ever that this lifestyle will help me live my best life, full of energy, feeling the best that I can and hopefully reduce my metabolic age! 

Nicola Mcilhagger, co-founder of the Cinch Fast 30 program said: “We are absolutely blown away by Pamela’s weight-loss results for the wedding. 

“Pamela is like a new woman – her confidence is brimming and she looks about 15 years younger! 

“It is so wonderful to see such a transformation both inside and out – to hear how well Pamela feels is just so rewarding.”

“This is not a quick-fix diet. The 30-day challenge, with a huge focus on mindset, and it is just the beginning of a lifestyle change. 

“We give people these tools for life, with many people reporting that this has changed their life.”

Angela, co-founder of the Cinch Fast 30 program continued: “When we started this program, we had this overwhelming desire to help empower people to take back ownership of their own health and weight by educating them, inspiring and motivating. To see Pamela blossom in the way she has is just amazing.”

Results for Cinch Fast 30 participants are tangible, measurable and based on recognised scientific principles. However, Angela and Nicola feel it’s important to say they are not health professionals, dieticians or nutritionists.

“The Cinch FAST 30 is a first-hand account of our experience with intermittent fasting. We stress that we are not doctors, nor nutritionists and don’t claim to be. We are real women, with a real desire to help other people who have struggled with weight loss. It’s like the key to a whole new kingdom,” Angela concluded. 

As with all diet or lifestyle changes, we advise all participants to check with their doctor before embarking on any change to their eating pattern or diet. 

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