Postponed Your Wedding? Here’s Why Your New Date Is Going To Be Even Better

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You’ve been counting down to this day for months, or maybe even years and you’re no doubt heart broken that your wedding won’t be going ahead on the date you had planned. We feel for you.

But if you’ve postponed your wedding, we want you to know that your special day will happen and it’s going to be even bigger and better than you could have imagined. Heres why…

The little details

Didn’t quite manage to secure those personalised favours you had your eye on? Or put the brakes on that surprise choreography you had planned for the reception? It might not feel like it but you’ve been given the gift of time. Those details you side-lined because they were too time-consuming or expensive can now be considered. * rushes online to book Ferrero Rocher tower *

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A bigger budget

Hopefully you didn’t lose out on deposits when you postponed your wedding. If you didn’t you might find that the extra wait means you’ve more time to save money. Maybe you couldn’t squeeze vintage cars into the budget before, but you can afford to now. Maybe you can put a little extra money towards your honeymoon or splash out a bit more on some of the smaller details you originally had to compromise on. A life-size cutout of the bride and groom is an essential purchase, right?

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Time to trial

Any bride-to-be knows that the beauty prep is as much a part of the planning as booking the florist and the venue. Now you’ve so much more time to trial products and procedures for your big day, whether it’s micro-blading, teeth whitening or lip fillers. Get booking those appointments for when the salons reopen. If it’s products, do your research and order them online. Still not settled on a particular foundation for your big day or deliberating over lashes? Get recommendations, read reviews and try them for yourself.

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Better presents

Have you ever done a last minute dash to buy someone a wedding present? Or panic bought something online that wasn’t quite right because you were running out of time before the big day? Most of us have, but with extra time on their hands your guests have no excuses, meaning they’ll hopefully get you something extra special. You might also have a little extra time to really hone your gift list if you haven’t done so already.

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guests at a wedding

It’s going to be even more special

You’ve postponed your wedding, but the most important thing is that you still get to marry the person you love. In comparison, the date you do that on probably isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of things. You’ll have had to wait a little bit longer to get down the aisle and say those ‘I dos’ but that will make it so much more special when you do. And isn’t that something worth holding out for?

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