Sleep, It’s What Every Bride Needs To Look Her Best!

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As Irish sleep expert Anne Marie Boyhan from The Sleep Care Company explains, there’s not a serum or moisturiser in the world that can replace a good night’s sleep. 

‘There’s no point in spending lots on your skincare regime if you don’t have the foundations of great skin, and that is to get as much sleep as possible every night in the run up to your wedding day,’ explains Sleep Expert and Insomnia Consultant, Anne Marie Boyhan from The Sleep Care Company.

‘Actually priortise your sleep in the same way as you might when starting a new fitness regime or diet, and make it a priority in order to achieve a youthful, healthy, radiant complexion. Trust me, there’s not a moisturiser or serum in the world that can have the same impact a good night’s rest can on that face of yours!’

What Are The Beauty Benefits Of Good Sleep

1. Cortisol Regulates Itself

Getting  a good night’s rest is a great way to slow down gravity and fine lines appearing. Your body perceives lack of sleep as a form of stress and responds by producing a hormone called cortisol. In addition to negative effects on the immune system and blood sugar levels, cortisol compromises the supportive collagen in our skin, which leads to premature signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. The presence of cortisol also causes blood vessels to constrict, which reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients the skin receives, in turn making it look dull and sallow.  

2. Healthy Looking Hair

Hair loss, breakage, damage, and even growth can all be affected by lack of sleep. Your hair follicles increase in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from blood flow, but blood flow decreases when we’re short on sleep, therefore good sleep will improve the condition of your hair.

3. Greater Results From Your Skincare

During sleep your skin doesn’t have to battle against the sun and free radicals, so it can concentrate on repairing itself. Blood flow is also more consistent, and this helps your skin benefit from the flesh-repairing ingredients in your beauty products.

4. Your Eyes Will Sparkle

Blood flow to the rescue again! By getting adequate rest, you encourage blood flow to the face, thereby reducing or preventing those nasty dark rings. When you don’t get enough sleep and the circulation in your face decreases, blood can pool in the under-eye area, making those circles appear and become more pronounced.

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The Importance Of Bed Time

Anne Marie advises being asleep by 10.30pm, because the 90 minutes before midnight is one of the most powerful phases of sleep, because it’s the period where the body is replenished.

‘Lights out by 10pm makes a difference,’ explains Anne Marie. ‘During sleep you produce a hormone that affects brain function and mood as well as physical endurance and immunity. It also increases skin elasticity, stimulates fat burning, and increases muscle mass and bone density. The really good news is that you can increase your production of this hormone by a factor of fivefold depending on when you go to sleep. Peak hours for producing this hormone are between 10.30pm and midnight. So if you want to optimise production of the hormone that enhances your immunity and strengthens your mind, body, and youthful radiance, whenever possible, go to bed no later than 10pm.

Switch To Silk

‘The benefits of a good night’s sleep for your beauty routine are further aided with the use of a silk pillow. Sleeping on silk has many benefits for our hair, not just in style longevity but general health and appearance. Traditional bedding draws moisture from our hair while we sleep and in extreme cases can cause thinning and dried out follicles. The Silk Pillowcase is an Irish brand of silk pillowcases which are  22 Momme and 100% Mulberry silk and this added luxury makes your sleeping hours the very best you can get for your hair,’ recommends Anne Marie.

‘Look at silk as an insurance policy to continue to maintain the work you already put into your keeping your crowning glory at its best,’ adds Anne Marie.

Develop Your Own Sleep Ritual

‘The science behind the benefits of mindfulness and meditation keeps on coming in, with studies now showing both can help to fight off insomnia and improve sleep quality. By simply slowing your breathing and bringing your attention to the here and now for a few minutes before bed, you’ will let go ‘ll be able to let go of all those niggly things taking up space in your brain that preventing you from sleeping.

‘Other rituals include taking off your make-up, putting on your night cream, reading a book, ditching the booze in favour of a herbal tea and listening to a white noise machine. Find a practice or product that works for you and helps you wind down before bed.

The Night Before Your Wedding

  • Avoid booze, this will disrupt your sleep and leave you with bags under your eyes and undo all that skin restoration and skincare you’ve been diligent about for months. Instead have what is known as the ‘sleepy girl mocktail’ – magnesium bisglycinate,  tart cheery juice and sparkling water. 
  • It goes without saying, you need to be in bed by 10pm to be asleep by 10.30pm! (See above)
  • If you’re very nervous, use l ‘theanine or magnesium bisglycinate  as a calming and sleep inducing aid before bed. 

Anne Marie Boyhan from The Sleep Care Company
Anne Marie Boyhan, Certified sleep expert, certified sleep science coach functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. Photography by Kieran Harnett

For more information on how to get a good night’s sleep vist The Sleep Care Company or follow for tips on Instagram @thesleepcarecompany 

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