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The ‘Sten Do’ is Back in Trend

Sten Do - Vicky Pattison

With Vicky Pattison’s influence it seems that the ‘Sten Do’ is proving popular once again.

A few years ago the Sten Do came into being and now it seems that reality star Vicky Pattison, who recently took to her instagram to share her luxury ‘Sten Do’ (joint Stag and Hen do) in Dubai with fiancé Ercan Ramadan as they get set to tie the knot in a dreamy Italian wedding later this year, has made everyone sit up and take note of celebrating jointly before the wedding day.

Justin Sayers, Founder of Adventure Connections said: “The ‘Sten’ is definitely a growing trend – we have seen an 8% increase in inquires for joint stag and hen parties in the past 12 months.”

‘Organising a successful event like a Sten party requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure everyone – from both sides of the relationship – has a fantastic time,’ he adds.

Vicky Pattison & Ercan Ramadan on their Sten Do

Why Should I Have One ?

Not only is it great for sharing costs, but its also time saving especially if your maid of honour and/best man are helping plan it!  A ‘Sten Do’ is perfect for couples who share the same friendship groups and want to celebrate together. It’s also a great ‘ice breaker’ because it offers a relaxed setting for couples whose friends or relatives that aren’t well acquainted to be able to get together before your wedding day.

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Planning The Perfect ‘Sten Do’ 

Planning your ‘Sten Do’ requires attention to detail and careful organising to ensure that both sides have an amazing time!

  • Set a date and budget that’s works for both sides, setting the budget early on will help to guide your planning decisions. Pick your dates early and give as much notice to your attendees as possible.
  • Make sure to choose the right venue for your celebration, find a venue that can accommodate a larger group and where you can host activities.
  • Plan the activities of your ‘Sten Do’, try to plan activities that appeal to as many of the group as possible if not all.
  • Consider adding your own personal touches to make it more intimate and memorable such as decorations, photos or clothing for the whole group. 

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