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The Ultimate Guide To Bridal Lingerie


As Christian Dior would say: ‘True elegance is everywhere, especially in things you cannot see.’

This is a great motto for all women, for future young ladies in particular. The role of ‘invisible elegance and class’ is always down to properly selected underwear. This is extremely important, especially on a wedding day.


When looking for wedding lingerie, you should have your choice of dress ready. You choose the type of underwear for the style of the dress, not the other way around. Fragments of the bra cannot protrude from the corset; it should ‘hold’ the shape of the bust, possibly correcting it. Wedding dresses are unique creations, so often a special bra or corset shape is indispensable.

Most often, brides decide to leave their arms bare. A dress without sleeves and straps requires a proper bra – the so-called balconette or strapless (strapless). It is very important that such a bra ‘holds’ especially with larger breasts. It may be necessary to have silicone inserts that ‘glue’ the entire structure to the body.


The model with exposed back requires a bra, whose straps is run low, around the waist or hold the cups with silicone straps on the neck (a solution for women with a small breast).

Deep horizontal cleavage is a task for a half-cup bra, very shallow, the upper edge of which will not be visible. In turn, the neckline in the letter V is best presented in the plunge model, which collects the breasts inside. Sometimes the neckline is so deep that the only solution is a bra with a deep slit that covers and supports the breasts on the sides.

If the wedding dress consists of a separate, well-cut corset, the bra may not be needed at all. However, this is only possible with a small bust. The patches on the chest will be useful, which will give confidence, lift and cover the bust in the event of a possible ‘accident.’

Wedding lingerie must be like a secret agent: to act reliably and be invisible. Although the traditional colour of brides is white, underwear does not necessarily meet this condition; especially when the fabric of the dress is delicate. The cream, ecru or beige will be perfect. Equally important is the texture of the fabric from which the linen is sewn.


With a dress made of thicker material, you can get away with it, but a smooth material like tracing paper replicates a lace bra or briefs. Smooth, seamless underwear made of microfiber would be ideal.

What else is there out there besides a bra?

A corset will work well for ladies who want to slightly shape and slim the figure. Laced constructions with whalebone slimlines the waist and together with the garter belt will be very tempting to present themselves on the wedding night. They are, however, uncomfortable when sitting, especially when they are incorrectly fitted.


Body is an alternative to corsets – more comfortable, also slimming, especially those of the body shaping fabric. The version with a built-in bra seems to be perfect. A model with a cut back will fulfil the task in a dress with a deep neckline at the back.

Panties Are Crucial

The bottom of the underwear set is no less important than the top. Think about what underwear you are going to wear when dress shopping. Give up thongs and laces in favour of seamless and smooth pair of panties, especially if your dress is a smooth and delicate fabric.


Ladies planning a tight dress can exemplify stars from red carpets, put on shaping panties with legs: hide the belly, lift the buttocks, slender thighs.

The Rest of the Set

The appropriate binding of legs is equally important. Stockings will be an ideal solution: self-supporting or with a belt, this can totally complement your look.


If you do not feel well in stockings, choose tights, but remember (in both cases) that if your shoes have bare toes, find a pair without seams.

Comfort Is Key

You need to feel comfortable, for example a bra too small, falling straps or too shallow bowls will not allow you to have uninhibited fun. If the trips around the lingerie stores did not bring any results – it would be better to put on a proven ‘old’ bra and have fun, forgetting about inconvenience.

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