Top 5 Freaky Sex Positions You Need To Know


Beyond the basics, like missionary and doggy-style, these creative and kinda dirty positions can help you lose your inhibitions and remind you why it feels good to get a little freaky.

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The Lotus Position


This is a tried and tested, woman-on-top sex position dating back centuries. In this position, the female straddles her seated partner, bringing her face close to his for some of the most intimate sexual contact you can have. It’s ideal for couples who want to feel closer to one another and experience a more sensual type of lovemaking.

The Side Ride


This looks difficult but it’s worth it. To get into the side ride position, your partner needs to lie down on their back like they would during the Cowgirl position. They should bend their knees slightly so that they can put their feet on the bed to give him some leverage for thrusting. You then need to sit down on their lap. But instead of facing them or having your back to them, you are going to be sitting sideways. This means that you can sit on them with your feet on either the left side or the right side. It will take some getting used to, but when you get into the rhythm you’ll love it.

Intersection Position


This position can be a little awkward at first, it’s a little like spooning but not so much. ake sure you’re both comfortable before you start. You and your partner need to both lie on your sides. You need to lie with your head at the top of the bed and feet at the end of the bed. Your man will be lying across the bed, with his feet on one side and his head on the other side of the bed. You need to open your legs so that your man can lie down on top of your lower leg and then penetrate you. Then you can rest your upper leg on top of his legs.

The Exposed Eagle


This will require a considerable degree of flexibility and strength. The easiest way to get into the Exposed Eagle position is to start off in the Cowgirl position. You need to be on top of your partner with your knees on either side of him. You then need to lie backwards until your back is resting on your his thighs and knees while you are still on your knees. He can raise his knees if you aren’t flexible enough, so you are more upright. Your man now needs to raise his upper body so that he is in a seated position. He can put his arms behind his back to support himself, or he can put them around your lower back.

The Thigh Ride


This is a really fun and easy position, perfect for couples who are just starting to explore each other. Start out with your partner on their back, with their legs straight and spread slightly apart. Then they needs to raise one knee slightly and plant their foot on the bed. You then need to put one knee on either side of their bent leg and sit down on their crotch while facing away from them. You then need to use your legs to raise yourself up and down on them. You can hold on their leg to help steady yourself.

Position Graphics Credit – Bad Girl Bible

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